Top 10 Banks To Get A Business Loan In Pakistan (Reviewed & Tested)

It’s not always easy to get a business loan in Pakistan, but fortunately, many banks and financial institutions offer loans that are designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

These loans are useful when you’re just starting out, or need to make an investment that’s more substantial than what you can afford on your own.

Although getting the business loan you need isn’t always easy, it helps to know where to look in order to find the best loan options available to you.

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Difference Between Business Loans And Personal Loans

Personal loans are given by banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) for meeting personal needs, such as wedding expenses, medical bills, household purchases,s, etc.

The credit rating of borrowers is not a factor in the approval of personal loans.

But for business loans, underwriting becomes very critical due to the higher risk involved. A single mistake on your part can result in the rejection of your application.

So it’s highly important that you look out for all these details before applying for any loan at a bank or non-bank entity.

List Of Top 10 Banks To Get A Business Loan In Pakistan

MCB Bank

The MCB Bank Limited (MCB) is an international banking and financial services company that offers Islamic banking, conventional banking, insurance, investment banking, private equity, and asset management services.

Headquartered in Karachi, with a presence across Pakistan’s major cities including Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. It is ranked as the 6th largest bank in Asia by Forbes (as of 2013).

Other subsidiaries of MCB include AG Insurance Brokers (AGIB), Al-Ahli Takaful Insurance Company Limited (AATICL), Faysal Asset Management Company Limited (FAMCO), and GMCL Asset Management Company Limited (GAMCL), and Pacific Life & General Insurance Co. Ltd.

MCB is one of Pakistan’s largest private banks, and it offers competitive business loans for customers. In fact, MCB even has an entire business loan department that deals with requests from would-be entrepreneurs.

From start-ups to established companies, MCB works with businesses across all industries and sizes. And you can use any branch of its network for cash flow needs as well.

As part of its business lending program, MCB also provides businesses with free accounting software, access to discounted business products and services, and other perks.

With locations throughout Pakistan, including major cities like Karachi and Lahore, MCB Bank makes it easy for businesses to get a business loan in Pakistan.


The Karachi Business Bank has been in operation since 1985 and offers financing and loans to both business and individual clients.

KASB’s loan amounts are between PKR 500,000 (US$3,500) and PKR 100 million (US$770,000).

A businessman or woman can borrow from PKR 1.5 million (US$11,100) to up to 50 percent of their total assets. The average loan amount is about PKR 7 million (US$50,000).

Loan rates range from 12 percent per annum for three years up to 18 percent for six months. KASB is one of the top banks to get a business loan in Pakistan.

The bank offers different types of business loans such as start-up business loans, working capital business loans, construction, and renovation business loan, and industrial finance.

KASB is also providing services like cash management, import/export financing, agriculture financing, etc.

JS Bank

JS Bank is one of many private banks operating in Pakistan. With more than 86 branches and over 280 ATMs spread throughout Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

JS Bank’s customer service and outstanding branches make it one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs looking for a business loan.

The process of getting a business loan through JS bank is quick; entrepreneurs can expect approvals within seven days on average.

While their minimum funding amount for new businesses or those expanding is about Rs 50 million, JS bank offers loans from as little as Rs 30,000 up to Rs 200 million.

Another perk offered by JS Bank includes optional foreign currency accounts with no maintenance charges whatsoever.

This is one of Karachi’s largest private-sector banks, having been founded by Chaudhry Shujat Hussain. It was officially inaugurated on March 1, 1992, as Meezan Bank Ltd.

But it has since gone through some major expansions, which have seen it emerge as JS Bank Ltd.

In 2011, EFG Hermes purchased 32% of its shares for $200 million. Customers can choose from either savings accounts or business loans at JS Bank.

Plus, it boasts many international financial systems such as SWIFT and CHIPS for global transactions.

You can get started with them by applying for a business loan online via their secure website—or you can visit any branch in Pakistan if you prefer speaking to someone face-to-face.

Habib Bank Limited

With over 40 years of operations and $19.5 billion in assets under management, Habib Bank is one of Asia’s leading financial institutions.

HBL offers products and services that cater to entrepreneurs from all sectors—including small-scale businesses, mid-sized corporations, and major conglomerates.

The bank’s diverse portfolio includes corporate finance, consumer banking, Islamic banking, investment banking, treasury & capital markets (T&CM), retail lending & credit cards, etc.

Headquartered in Karachi, HBL is one of Pakistan’s largest banks with over 3 million customers and close to 1000 branches across more than 200 cities globally.

As one of Pakistan’s largest banks, Habib Bank offers competitive interest rates on its loan products, especially for those looking for smaller loans or lines of credit. The bank also has generous lending terms.

Habib Bank is popular with SMEs and middle-market companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and textiles.

If you don’t know anyone at Habib, it’s best to speak with an advisor about your options. You can also get pre-qualified online by filling out a simple form.

National Bank Of Pakistan

Established in 1964, NBK is primarily an investment bank and provides loans only for major industrialists. NBK’s headquarters are located in Karachi and it has over 120 branches all over Pakistan. Its current market capitalization is Rs 117 billion.

In 2010, NBK was ranked 9th among the top ten business banks in Asia by Bloomberg Markets magazine (MM).

While getting a loan from NBK may be tough, its approval rate is pretty high as it takes pride in serving as an incubator for business start-ups.

NBK gives out loans ranging from $500,000 to $100 million depending on the credit profile of borrowers.

NBP is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputable banks. It has multiple branches spread out all over the country, with recently established ones even in smaller cities and towns.

NBP offers products and services for individuals as well as companies, including international trade finance.

The bank’s lending policies are also pretty open; it is known for giving out loans to entrepreneurs looking to start up new ventures or expand existing ones.

If you’re looking for financing from a Pakistani bank, look no further than NBP.

United Bank Limited

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of Pakistan’s leading banks. It was founded by Munawar Hasan, Shahid Rafi, and others in Karachi on January 1, 1962.

Today, UBL has over 550 branches across 104 cities and 5 countries – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, and UAE.

Among other services offered by UBL are investment banking, asset management, and underwriting services.

One of Pakistan’s oldest banks, UBL was founded in 1944. Headquartered in Karachi, it offers services across Europe, Asia, and America through its network of over 260 branches spread across around 20 cities.

UBL has successfully serviced over 5 million customers worldwide since its inception.

With an impressive deposit base of Rs. 875 billion as of December 2015, UBL is among one the top commercial banks offering business loans.

To apply for a loan from UBL, you can visit any of their branches or contact them via phone or email.

Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank is a full-service bank based in Karachi, with branches across Pakistan. It offers financing facilities for individuals, businesses, and corporations.

It also has launched several innovative products including Merchant Loans for small business owners across Pakistan.

Founded in 1963 as a public limited company, Meezan Bank is focused on expanding into new markets across Pakistan. With an online presence since 2004.

It’s well-positioned to take advantage of technology like mobile banking and credit card services that are expanding rapidly across the country.

Meezan Bank is one of top rated banking and financial services companies operating in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Meezan Bank offers a wide range of products and services including loans, deposit schemes, credit cards, internet banking, and ancillary financial solutions.

Meezan Bank currently has over 556 branches located across all provinces of Pakistan. Their head office is located in PIB Colony at 1-Block Chundrigar Road, Karachi.

If you want to apply for a loan then get it from Meezan Bank as they have a faster approval process.

You can apply for a business loan by visiting their nearest branch or contacting them on telephone numbers: 0322 666 6666 or 021 111 44444

Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank Limited was founded on December 14, 1945, by Shahid Lateef. Since its establishment, it has consistently served and delivered quality financial services to customers.

It has become one of the leading commercial banks in Pakistan offering banking services nationwide through a network of 397 branches and 11 regional offices.

Allied Bank is regarded as one of the most profitable private sector banks having credit ratings A(Stable)/Stable Outlook issued by both Fitch Ratings (in 2012, 2014).

It Standard & Poor’s (in 2011, 2013). The total paid-up capital of Allied Bank is US$501 million.

Allied Bank Limited (ABL) is one of Pakistan’s largest private sector banks and was incorporated in 1986.

ABL specializes in providing working capital financing for medium-sized companies and corporate entrepreneurs with annual sales between Rs2 million and Rs200 million.

The bank also offers loan facilities for self-employed individuals, education loans, trade support, cash management services, leasing facilities, and export processing advances.

If you’re looking for an affordable business loan from a reputable institution that’s been around since before partition, Allied Bank Limited may be worth checking out.

Standard Chartered Bank

The standard Charter Bank loan can easily be applied through simple documentation provided on their official website.

Basic information can be obtained at the hotline for SME Customer services at 800 988 0018 or visit your nearest branch to obtain more details.

One of the important features of a standard chartered business loan is that there is a processing fee for loan applications.

After submission of the application within 5-7 days, approval or rejection of the application is decided by the bank and informed to the applicant.

Terms vary between lenders but it’s usual for interest rates to start at around 13% per annum and increase after 24 months.

The cost of borrowing can be dramatically reduced by offering security over your home or personal assets.

This is a common type of loan that will likely be eligible for your business. Unlike a secured loan, where you put up collateral as security.

Unsecured business loans where there is no collateral required, are called unsecured because there is no specific asset or property used as security.

Instead, it is based solely on your credit history. You must have good personal credit (no recent bankruptcies or foreclosures) in order to qualify for one of these loans.

Private lender requirements can be more stringent than banks. Interest rates are high but well worth it if you can get approved!

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Business Loan In Pakistan

When you’re starting your own business, you can either take out a loan or rely on cash reserves and investors.

Most entrepreneurs opt for loans and there are several advantages of borrowing money when you start your own business.

You get immediate access to capital and don’t have to wait for investors who are busy or slow with their checks.

But getting a loan isn’t an easy process, especially if you don’t have an established credit history, high enough income, or personal assets as collateral.

Even if you do meet those criteria, it might be hard to find a lender that is willing to take risks on businesses like yours where default rates tend to be higher than other types of loans.

A lot of people want to start their own businesses. To do so, they need money and there are only two ways you can get it.

You can either borrow money from friends and family or you can get a loan from a bank.

Loans have many advantages that make them more appealing than borrowing from friends, but they also have disadvantages.

The first advantage is security, which is more important than you might think if your business fails or starts out slowly.

When you borrow money from a bank, your possessions aren’t at risk; however, when you borrow from someone else (such as family members).

If something goes wrong with your business, your credit could be damaged for years, and become very difficult for you to achieve things like buying homes or cars and getting loans for these purchases.

Business Loan In Pakistan FAQs

Which bank provides Maximum Business loans?

MCB is the one of Pakistani banks which gives from 1 crore to 10 crore rupees to Small and Medium Enterprises easily.

How much loan I can get from banks in Pakistan?

Everyone can get from 50,000 to 3,000,000 Rupees from banks in Pakistan.

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