Free! Dating Apps In Pakistan (Top 15) | Dating Apps In Pakistan Free

Dating apps for Muslims serve as unique platforms where individuals in Pakistan and worldwide can discover compatible Muslim partners.

These apps play a pivotal role in facilitating connections that align with users’ faith, values, and cultural backgrounds, akin to finding the perfect match for a harmonious and fulfilling life together.

In Pakistan, where familial connections are highly valued, these apps are particularly significant as they enable individuals to forge relationships with partners from reputable families, meeting the expectations of their own families.

Among the top dating apps in Pakistan that can help individuals find love, friendship, and like-minded individuals are:

  • Dil Ka Rishta
  • Salams
  • DatingApp Goodnight
  • Nikkah
  • ArabLounge – Arab Dating App
  • Match
  • SingleMuslim
  • TrulyMuslim – Dating App
  • Muslima
  • Muzmatch
  • Mingle2
  • Boo
  • FilipinoCupid
  • Bumpy Dating App
  • InternationalCupid

These apps provide insights into families that could be potential matches, aiding in the search for compatible partners. They prioritize the development of robust and respectful relationships.

The apps are highly regarded for their ability to facilitate connections among Muslims seeking love, friendship, and like-minded individuals.

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Free! Dating Apps In Pakistan | Dating Apps In Pakistan Free


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List Of Dating Apps In Pakistan

Here are the standout Dating Apps in Pakistan:

  • Dil Ka Rishta
  • Salams Dating Apps
  • Mingle2
  • Pakistan Dating
  • Matchfinder. in
  • Muzz
  • Tinder Dating app
  • Nikah Namah
  • Noble Marriage
  • Nikah Forever
  • Zariyaa Matrimony
  • Bumpy Dating App
  • DatingApp Goodnight
  • InternationalCupid
  • Random Chat (Stranger Chat)
  • FilipinoCupid
  • Dating App – Sweet Meet
  • Boo
  • Bumble Dating App
  • Match and Meet Dating app

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Dil Ka Rishta App


Dil Ka Rishta is Pakistan’s pioneering matchmaking app, boasting many verified profiles. The app streamlines finding a life partner, ensuring reliability and convenience. Rigorous profile verification guarantees that users connect with genuine individuals. Users can easily create profiles, undergo verification, and browse through numerous verified profiles daily. Each profile on Dil Ka Rishta is meticulously verified through phone and in-person checks.

Dil Ka Rishta Dating App’s Key Features:

  • Compatibility Meter: This feature matches profiles based on shared values and interests.
  • AI Matchmaking: The app’s intelligent technology selects the most suitable user profiles.
  • Save Favorites: Users can bookmark profiles for future reference.
  • Talk to Our Experts: The app allows users to chat with the Dil Ka Rishta team to find their perfect match from the extensive pool of verified profiles.


  • The app facilitates finding a life partner based on language, culture, and religion, particularly Islam.
  • is India’s premier matchmaking and matrimony service, committed to enriching lives with happiness.
  • With over 50 million successful matches, has made a significant impact on people’s lives.
  • is renowned for its innovative approach, revolutionizing the traditional methods of matchmaking and marriage in India.

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Salams Dating Apps


  • Salams Dating Apps aim to unite modern, intelligent, and engaging Muslims respectfully.
  • Salams Love is designed for those seeking life partners, while Salams Connect is ideal for making new friends or expanding one’s network.
  • The platform prioritizes authenticity, ensuring that all users have genuine intentions and maintaining a respectful environment.

Key Stats:

  • Over 6 million users globally.
  • Facilitated over 300,000 marriages.
  • Established over 360,000 friendships.
  • Generated over 2 billion matches.
  • Operational in 100 countries.

Salams is renowned as the premier app for Muslim marriages, guaranteeing a safe and respectful experience for all users.

Bumpy International Dating App

Bumpy is a leading International Dating App catering to users worldwide. The app addresses challenges commonly encountered in international dating, aiming to provide a solution. Before Bumpy, dating individuals from other countries was often difficult and unsafe.

With Bumpy, users can now conveniently and securely connect with potential partners from around the globe via their smartphones. While many singles turn to online dating platforms in search of love, only a select few understand the art of creating standout profiles.

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MUZZ Dating App


  • MUZZ stands out as a premier global dating app tailored specifically for Muslims.
  • With over 10 million single Muslims relying on MUZZ to find love and marriage, it has become the preferred choice.
  • The app distinguishes itself by prioritizing the respect of religious beliefs, offering a refreshing alternative to conventional dating apps.
  • Users of MUZZ are spared from dealing with mundane CV-style profiles or intrusive relatives, ensuring a more authentic and enjoyable experience.
  • MUZZ boasts a remarkable track record of bringing together over 500 happy Muslim couples daily and has accumulated over 500,000 success stories from Muslims worldwide.
  • Join MUZZ’s community of 10 million Muslims connecting for marriage and friendship, with 500,000 successful marriages celebrated.

Sweet Meet Dating App

The Sweet Meet Dating App simplifies the process of finding a delightful date and handling the matchmaking for you. The app curates matches based on your interests, appearance, beliefs, hobbies, and perspective on life, ensuring compatibility. With Sweet Meet, going on a fantastic date is more achievable than ever.

FAQs | Dating Apps In Pakistan

What makes the Dil Ka Rishta Dating App unique?

Dil Ka Rishta is Pakistan’s first matchmaking app with thousands of verified profiles.
Over 50 million lives have been touched by
Salams Dating Apps has facilitated over 300,000 marriages and established over 360,000 friendships.

How does Dil Ka Rishta ensure authenticity?

All profiles on Dil Ka Rishta are thoroughly checked, ensuring users connect with genuine people.
Salams Dating Apps ensures that every user has genuine intentions, maintaining a respectful environment for everyone on the app.

How does Bumpy revolutionize international dating?

Bumpy addresses the challenges of international dating, making it easier and safer to date someone from another country.
The app allows users to connect with potential partners from around the world quickly and safely, right from their phones.

What sets MUZZ apart from other dating apps?

MUZZ is a global dating app designed specifically for Muslims, with over 10 million users worldwide.
The app respects religious beliefs, offering a different experience from other dating apps.
MUZZ has facilitated over 500,000 successful marriages and brings together more than 500 happy Muslim couples every day.

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