Receive International Payment In Pakistan (Via Sadapay) [Students+Freelancers]

Pakistanis play a crucial role in supporting their families and contributing to Receive International Payments through remittances, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has spearheaded innovative initiatives to streamline the process.

One such initiative is the introduction of mobile wallets under the M-Wallet Scheme, aimed at enhancing the accessibility, efficiency, and security of remittance transactions.

Through partnerships with banks and telecom companies, Mobile-Wallets, specifically known as Branchless Banking Home Remittance Accounts (BB-HRA), offer a range of benefits to recipients, including easy account opening, free airtime incentives, and seamless fund transfers.

This article delves into the salient features, eligibility criteria, and potential financial opportunities presented by mobile wallets in Pakistan’s evolving remittance landscape.

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Receive International Payment In Pakistan (Via Sadapay) [Students+Freelancers]


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What is Sadapay?

Sadapay is a revolutionary financial platform offering a seamless experience through its SadaPay wallet and Mastercard debit and virtual cards.

Seamlessly register for your SadaPay wallet and access Mastercard debit and virtual cards. Experience the power of your wallet with features such as spending, sending, and requesting money with zero fees.

Currently, users are being onboarded based on their position on the waitlist. Once you receive an invite from the Sadapay team, you can complete your registration and unlock the future of money.

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Sadapay Ensuring Data Safety

When it comes to data safety, it’s crucial to comprehend how developers handle and distribute your information. Data privacy and security measures may differ depending on your usage patterns, geographical location, and age group. Developers offer insights into data collection and sharing practices, which might be subject to updates.

  • This app might share the following types of data with third parties:
    • Location
    • Personal information
    • Three other data types
  • Additionally, this app may collect various data types, including:
    • Location
    • Personal information
    • Five other data types
  • Data transmitted through the app is encrypted to ensure secure transit.
  • Once data is submitted, it cannot be deleted from the app’s storage.

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Branchless Banking Home Remittance Accounts (BB-HRA)

Branchless Banking Home Remittance Accounts (BB-HRA) serve as a pivotal tool in facilitating home remittances for expatriate Pakistanis and their families.

Recognizing the importance of expediting the flow of home remittances through formal banking channels, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has initiated the M-Wallet Scheme.

The M-Wallet Scheme, outlined in the circular to banks, aims to promote home remittances by offering a reliable and convenient platform for expatriates.

Branchless Banking Home Remittance Accounts (BB-HRA), these M-wallets are designed to streamline the process of receiving remittances securely and efficiently.

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Financial Opportunities with Sadapay


Financial opportunities abound with Sadapay, offering a range of benefits for users. Through partnerships between banks and telecommunications companies, new M-wallets have been introduced or existing ones have been upgraded to facilitate home remittances.

Users of these M-wallets can conveniently receive home remittances directly into their accounts, enabling them to utilize the funds for various purposes such as cash withdrawals, fund transfers, purchases, or bill payments.

Additionally, for every US dollar equivalent received in these accounts, users will receive airtime credits of two rupees equivalent on their mobile phones.

Eligibility to open a Mobile-Wallet

  • This account is exclusively designated for beneficiaries of home remittances, specifically individuals holding Pakistani nationality.
  • Individuals are permitted to open these accounts on a singular basis.
  • Each CNIC holder is allowed to open only one M-wallet (BB-HRA) in a bank.

Limits and Regulations

  • Mobile wallets can solely be funded with home remittances, excluding local deposits.
  • The maximum balance allowed in the account is PKR 1,500,000, with daily home remittance receipts subject to this maximum balance limit.

Cash Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawal limits from mobile wallets include cash withdrawals of up to PKR 50,000 per day and a maximum of PKR 500,000 per month, ensuring flexibility within defined boundaries.

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Salient Features Of Sadapay


Salient Features of the Mobile-Wallet Scheme offer numerous advantages to users, ensuring convenience and efficiency in financial transactions.

  • Easy Account Opening: Accounts can be swiftly opened or activated at bank branches. Existing M-wallets (Branchless Banking Level 1 accounts) can be seamlessly designated as BB-HRA through a simple registration process.
  • Free Airtime: Upon receiving home remittances in BB-HRAs, users receive complimentary airtime credited to the SIMs registered against these accounts. For instance, receiving USD 100 triggers an airtime credit of Rs. 200 on the registered SIM.
  • No More Queues: Home remittances can now be directly received in M-wallets, eliminating the need to visit a bank branch, fill forms, or queue up, streamlining the remittance reception process.
  • Cash from any ATM or BB Agent: Remittances received in M-wallets are easily withdrawable from branchless banking agent networks across the country. Additionally, cash withdrawal is feasible from ATMs using ATM cards issued against M-wallets.
  • Transfer of Funds: Funds stored in M-wallets can be effortlessly transferred to any other branchless or conventional banking account, facilitating convenient payments to friends, family, or any recipient.
  • Payment of Utility Bills: M-wallets serve as a versatile tool for settling utility bills, including payments for electricity, gas, telephone, and mobile phone bills, or topping up mobile phone credit.
  • Return on Account Balance: Banks offer remuneration on the balance available in M-wallets by their policies and guidelines, providing users with potential returns on their funds.

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Contact Details Of Sadapay

  • Website:
  • Address: Ufone Tower 9th Floor, Jinnah Avenue, Block F-7/1, Blue Area, Islamabad.

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FAQs | International Payment

What is SadaPay?

SadaPay is a digital wallet and Mastercard debit card service that offers financial freedom to its users. With SadaPay, you can easily manage your funds, request payments, and handle remittances through a convenient mobile app.

What are the benefits of using SadaPay?

SadaPay offers zero fees for spending, sending, and requesting money. You can enjoy seamless financial transactions without worrying about hidden charges. Additionally, our app prioritizes data safety, ensuring that your information is protected at all times.

What is the M-Wallet Scheme introduced by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)?

The M-Wallet Scheme is an initiative by the SBP aimed at promoting home remittances in Pakistan. It provides expatriates with a reliable, swift, and cost-effective method of transferring money to their families in Pakistan.

Who is eligible to open a Mobile-Wallet (BB-HRA)?

Individuals holding Pakistani nationality are eligible to open a Mobile-Wallet (BB-HRA) for receiving home remittances. Each individual can open only one account with their CNIC.

What are the limits for receiving funds in my M-wallet?

M-wallets can only receive home remittances from abroad, with a maximum balance limit of PKR 1,500,000. Daily remittance receipts are subject to restrictions based on the maximum balance limit.

How much can I withdraw from my M-wallet?

You can withdraw cash up to PKR 50,000 per day and up to a maximum of PKR 500,000 in a month from your M-wallet, providing you with flexibility and accessibility to your funds.

Can I transfer funds from my M-wallet to other accounts?

Yes, funds stored in your M-wallet can be easily transferred to any other branchless or conventional banking account, allowing for convenient payments to friends, family, or any recipient.

What utility bills can I pay using my M-wallet?

You can use your M-wallet to pay various utility bills, including electricity, gas, telephone, and mobile phone bills, or to top up your mobile phone credit.

Do I earn any returns on the balance available in my M-wallet?

Yes, banks provide remuneration on the balance available in your M-wallet in accordance with their policies and guidelines, potentially offering returns on your funds.

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