Rehan Rasheed - Co-Founder & Editor

I’m Rehan Rasheed, the Co-Founder and Editor of this platform. My journey in the finance sector has been both diverse and enriching, and I am excited to share my experiences and insights with you.

Professional Background

Banking and Finance Sector Experience

Askari Bank

Began my career as a Junior Loan Officer, where I gained hands-on experience in lending and customer service.

Bank AL Habib

Progressed to a Senior Financial Analyst, managing a team and overseeing major loan portfolios.

MCB Bank

Served as a Relationship Manager, fostering strong client relationships and ensuring their financial needs were met.

My Journey

  • Early Career: At Askari Bank, I honed my skills in customer service and loan management, laying the foundation for my career in finance.

  • Advancement: At Bank AL Habib, I took on more responsibilities and managed significant loan portfolios, developing a keen understanding of the lending process.

  • Analytical Expertise: My role at Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited as a Financial Analyst allowed me to dive deep into financial analysis and strategic planning.

  • Client Relations: At MCB Bank, I focused on building and maintaining strong client relationships, ensuring their financial needs were met with tailored solutions.

  • Present: Today, as the Co-Founder and Editor of PersonalLoan.pk, I am dedicated to creating a platform that bridges the gap between complex financial concepts and everyday understanding.


My Vision and Mission

I co-founded PersonalLoan.pk with a commitment to providing accurate, comprehensive, and accessible financial information to individuals and businesses. My mission is to make financial education simple and accessible, ensuring everyone can make informed financial decisions.

Core Beliefs and Goals

  • Commitment to Education: I believe that financial literacy is a cornerstone of personal and professional success. My goal is to simplify complex financial concepts and present them in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Empowering Readers: Through my editorial work, I aim to empower our readers with the knowledge and tools they need to manage their finances effectively and confidently.

Thank you for choosing PersonalLoan.pk as your trusted resource for financial education. I look forward to continuing our journey together and helping you achieve your financial goals.

Warm regards,

Rehan Rasheed
Co-Founder & Editor, PersonalLoan.pk