Waseem Akram brings over 8 years of extensive experience in various capacities within the finance sector and welfare organizations. His diverse background includes notable roles at esteemed institutions such as Akhuwat Foundation and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, where he played a pivotal role in financial inclusion and community development initiatives.

Expertise and Skill Sets:

  • Banking Expertise: Waseem Akram’s journey in the finance industry commenced as a loan officer at Habib Bank Limited (HBL), where he honed his skills in credit analysis, risk management, and customer relationship management. His tenure at Meezan Bank further enriched his understanding of Islamic banking principles and practices.
  • Credit Analysis: With hands-on experience as a loan officer, Waseem possesses a deep understanding of credit evaluation methodologies, financial statement analysis, and loan underwriting processes. His keen analytical skills enable him to assess creditworthiness effectively.
  • Financial Inclusion: Throughout his career, Waseem has been dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and empowering underserved communities. His involvement with organizations like the Akhuwat Foundation underscores his commitment to fostering economic opportunities and alleviating poverty through access to microfinance.
  • Community Development: Waseem Akram’s passion for social welfare extends beyond the realm of finance. He has actively contributed to various community development projects, leveraging his financial acumen to implement sustainable initiatives that uplift marginalized populations.
  • Islamic Finance: With exposure to Islamic banking practices during his tenure at Meezan Bank, Waseem has developed a comprehensive understanding of Sharia-compliant financial products and services. He is well-versed in the principles of Islamic finance and their application in contemporary banking operations.

Waseem Akram’s blend of practical experience, financial expertise, and commitment to social impact makes him a valuable asset in the realm of finance and community development.