List Of Top 100+ Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan (Updated City-Wise)

Are you looking for car leasing companies in Pakistan? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive city-wise list of leasing companies in Pakistan.

With so many Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan operating in the country, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, don’t worry this list will help you out. This list will help you find the Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan that best suit your needs and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

From the bustling metropolises of Karachi and Lahore to the smaller cities of Faisalabad and Peshawar, and then from Gilgit to Azad Kashmir, we’ve got all your leasing needs to be covered.

We’ll cover the major companies in each city, what services they offer, and more, this list has it all. So, let’s get started and try to find the perfect fit for you.

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List Of Top Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan | Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan


Table of Contents

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What Is A Leasing Company?

A Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan is a type of business that offers its customers the opportunity to rent or lease various products for an agreed-upon period. This includes leasing equipment such as cars, machinery, and other consumer goods e.g. furniture, fridges, computers, etc.

Car Leasing companies in Pakistan are increasingly becoming popular, as they offer the consumer a chance to own something without having to make a large upfront payment.

These Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan provide customers with the flexibility to have access to things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase, while also allowing them to stay on top of their financial commitments.

Customers can usually customize their lease agreement to suit their individual needs and budget along with additional services such as extended warranties and maintenance plans. Now, let’s start our list.

Car Leasing Companies In Islamabad

As the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is one of the most sought-after cities when it comes to investing and doing business. With its growing population, modern infrastructure, and prime location, there are some Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan Islamabad providing financial services to individuals and businesses.

These Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan offer a wide range of products, from home and auto leases to commercial property leases. To help you decide which one to choose, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan:


Leasing CompanyServices Offered
Kasab Leasing LtdProvides financing and leasing services for individuals and businesses, including equipment financing and loans for small and medium enterprises.
Pak Qatar Family Takaful LimitedOffers lease financing up to Rs 10 million, corporate finance, and Sharia-compliant investment solutions.
National Assets Leasing Corporation LtdOffers Asset Financing, Corporate Leasing, Agricultural Leasing, Consumer Finance, Corporate Finance, and Treasury Management. Asset financing includes leasing of cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, boats, and other heavy machinery.
Natover Lease & Refinance Ltd. LtdProvides medium-term lease financing to companies for working capital needs, agricultural leasing for farm machinery, and consumer finance for consumer durables.
Network Leasing Corporation LtdOffers leasing solutions for micro-enterprises, SMEs, and larger corporate customers.
Askri LeasingProvides leasing solutions for individuals and businesses.
Atlas LeasingAtlas app offers asset and project financing solutions for corporate customers.
Paramount LeasingProvides asset leasing solutions for corporate customers.
Saudi Pak LeasingOffers a range of leasing solutions, including vehicle and equipment leasing.
Orix LeasingSpecializes in car leasing services with flexible terms, fixed rates, and optional benefits.
Table: car-leasing-companies-in-Islamabad

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Car Leasing Companies In Lahore


Leasing CompanyServices Offered
Asian Leasing Corporation LtdProvides commercial leasing, fleet financing, and personal financing options for individuals and businesses.
Easy Leasing CompanySpecializes in car and asset financing with an easy application process and competitive rates, offering flexible terms to suit individual needs.
Askari Leasing CompanyOffers customized financial solutions including vehicle and machinery leasing, commercial leasing, and personal finance options, at competitive rates.
Prime LeasingProvides personal financing, equipment leasing, and working capital finance solutions for individuals and businesses in Lahore.
Trust Leasing CompanyOffers finance for various purposes including car leases, machinery leases, and commercial finance solutions for individuals and businesses.
EFU Leasing CompanyA leading leasing company in Pakistan, offering commercial leasing, fleet financing, and personal financing solutions to meet diverse needs.
AskLease Financial ServicesProvides tailored finance solutions including car leasing and commercial leasing for individuals and businesses, ensuring customized services.
Jahangir Khan AssociatesOne of Lahore’s oldest and most trusted leasing companies, offering car financing and commercial leasing services with reliability and experience.
Orix LeasingA top-tier leasing service in Pakistan providing car leasing, business loan financing, and corporate finance solutions, catering to diverse financial needs.
Oriental Leasing CompanyA trusted name in Pakistan’s leasing industry, offering various financing solutions to both individuals and businesses, ensuring reliability and efficiency in financial services.
Table: car-leasing-companies-in-Lahore

Car Leasing Companies In Karachi

As the largest city in Pakistan, Karachi is home to a wide range of Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan.

From small startups to large corporations, you can find a variety of businesses that offer financing and leasing services in the city. The top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan Karachi include:


Leasing CompanyServices Offered
First Leasing Corporation of Pakistan Ltd.Offers competitive leasing and financing solutions in Karachi.
ICF Leasing & Finance Company Ltd.Provides short-term and long-term loans and leases with competitive rates.
Excel LeasingOffers fast and efficient leasing services in Karachi, providing tailored financial solutions.
Alpha Credit & Leasing ServicesProvides affordable loan and leasing packages to customers.
First Constellation ModarbaOffers various products and services for convenient financing solutions.
First Union ModarbaProvides competitive rates and various options for leasing and financing.
Dynamic EnterprisesOffers a wide range of leasing and financing solutions to customers.
Atlas Leasing & Finance LtdProvides financing options including car loans and equipment financing.
E. A Management PVT Ltd.Offers hassle-free financing solutions for purchasing vehicles from authorized dealerships in Karachi.
Trust Financial GroupA full-service leasing company offering comprehensive services for customers across Pakistan.
Table: car-leasing-companies-in-Karachi

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Car Leasing Companies In Peshawar

Located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Peshawar is the sixth-largest city in the country. It is renowned for its historic sites, traditional bazaars, and diverse culture.

The city is also home to several top Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan that provide excellent services to their customers. Here are the top 10 leasing companies in Peshawar that are worth considering:


Leasing CompanyServices Offered
Askri LeasingProvides short and long-term financing solutions for businesses and individuals, specializing in vehicle and equipment leasing.
Al-zamin Leasing ModarabaOffers a wide range of leasing services including Islamic financing and asset leasing solutions.
Paramount LeasingEstablished in 1990, provides leasing services for industrial and agricultural equipment, with special discounts for new customers.
United Leasing CompanyOffers plant & machinery leasing, automobile financing, and working capital financing services.
Millat LeasingSpecializes in providing tractor leasing services to farmers and agricultural users.
Elegance LeasingProvides various leasing services including equipment leasing and automobile leasing.
Frontier LeasingOffers solutions for equipment leasing, vehicle leasing, and machinery leasing.
B.F.ModarabaProvides financial leasing solutions for automobiles and construction equipment.
Easy Get Financial ConsultantsEstablished in 2000, specializes in Islamic financing solutions such as asset financing and hire purchase agreements.
Orix Leasing LtdOffers financing solutions for vehicles and other equipment.
Table: car-leasing-companies-in-Peshawar

Car Leasing Companies In Faisalabad


Leasing CompanyServices Offered
Al Majid LeasingProvides financial leasing services to companies, individuals, and firms in Faisalabad.
East West LeasingA full-service leasing company offering financing solutions for businesses and individuals, including asset-based and capital leases.
Neelum Finance & LeasingOffers short-term and long-term financing solutions, ranking among the top leasing companies in Pakistan.
Atlas Capital MarketsProvides competitive leasing rates for small and medium-sized enterprises in Faisalabad.
Orix LeasingOffers leasing and financial products for businesses and individuals in the city.
Burj Capital LeasingRenowned in Faisalabad, providing financial solutions to businesses, non-profits, and individuals.
United Leasing CompanyOffers customized financing solutions and is known as one of the most reliable leasing companies in Faisalabad.
Askri LeasingProvides financial and leasing services to businesses, non-profits, and individuals in the city.
Sartaj Capital ServicesLeading among the leasing companies in Faisalabad, offering various financial solutions to clients.
City Financial ServicesAnother leading leasing company in Faisalabad, providing customized financial solutions to customers.
Table: car-leasing-companies-in-Faisalabad

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Car Leasing Companies In Rawalpindi


Leasing & Investment CompanyServices Offered
Jawed & Sons Leasing & Investment CompanyOffers financial solutions for private and commercial clients with flexible payment options and competitive interest rates.
Tala Leasing CompanySpecializes in providing financial solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, offering a range of financing options and expert guidance.
Trade and Investment Leasing CompanyProvides financial solutions to the people of Rawalpindi for over 30 years, offering competitive leasing packages and expert advice.
Haroon Leasing & Investment CompanyOffers tailored financial solutions with a focus on customer service and hassle-free processes for individuals and businesses in the area.
Farzam Leasing & Investment CompanyProvides flexible leasing packages for businesses and individuals, supported by knowledgeable professionals to assist with paperwork.
Aayat Leasing & Investment CompanyOffers a variety of leasing plans for both private and commercial clients, providing professional assistance in selecting the best plan.
Afaq Leasing & Investment CompanyProvides tailored leasing plans for businesses, supported by an experienced team to help customers make informed decisions.
Nafaq Leasing & Investment CompanyOffers customized leasing plans for individual and corporate needs, with an experienced team to guide customers in selecting the right package.
Huizar Leasing & Investment CompanyOffers a range of leasing plans designed to meet financial needs in Rawalpindi, with expert assistance to ensure clients get the best deal.
Al-Huda Leasing & Investment CompanyProvides financial services for over 20 years in Rawalpindi, offering competitive interest rates and flexible payment options for clients.
Table: car-leasing-companies-in-Rawalpindi

Car Leasing Companies In Quetta


The list of the top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan Quetta is as:

  1. Al Fatah Leasing
  2. Capital Assets Leasing Corporation Ltd.
  3. Mumtaz Nazeer Leasing
  4. Premier Leasing and Logistics
  5. Askari Leasing Company Ltd.
  6. Crescent Leasing Corporation Ltd.
  7. Dawood Leasing Company Ltd.
  8. English Leasing Ltd.
  9. Asian Leasing Corporation Ltd.
  10. Paramount Leasing Limited

Car Leasing Companies In Multan


List of the top 10 leasing companies in Multan:

  1. Multan Motors Leasing & Finance Co. Ltd
  2. Horizon Investment & Leasing Co.
  3. Roshan Investment & Leasing Company
  4. Reliance Leasing Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
  5. Al-Haramain Leasing Company
  6. Daar-ul-Ifta Leasing Company
  7. Jawad International Leasing Co.
  8. Muhammad Hassan Investment & Leasing Co.
  9. Ghani Leasing Company.
  10. Star Leasing & Finance Corporation.

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Car Leasing Companies In Gilgit

For those who are looking to lease a car or other equipment, there is a wide range of Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan that operate in Gilgit.

Here is a list of the top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan that operate in Gilgitt that offer excellent services for those who want to lease cars, fridges, and other items in Gilgit:


  1. Aamir Leasing Services
  2. Javed Leasing Company
  3. Al Hijaz Financial Services
  4. Ali Khan Trading & Leasing
  5. Shahzad Trading & Leasing
  6. Sanaullah Enterprises
  7. Bilal Enterprises
  8. Khalil Traders & Leasing
  9. Shaheen Enterprises
  10. Kashmir Traders & Leasing

Car Leasing Companies In Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir)

With its scenic beauty and stunning views, Muzaffarabad is a popular destination for many in Pakistan.

All the Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan on this list have been carefully selected based on their experience, expertise, and customer service standards. By choosing these Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan, you can be sure that your needs will be taken care of with utmost professionalism and attention.

There are a variety of options when it comes to finding leasing companies in the city. Here is a list of the top 10 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan that operate in Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir):


  1. Phoenix Leasing Company
  2. Rishad Financing & Leasing Services
  3. Muaviya Leasing Solutions
  4. SML leasing
  5. Bilal Capital
  6. Kayani Enterprises
  7. Karakoram Investment & Leasing Corporation
  8. Al-Zamin Leasing
  9. Apex Leasing and Finance
  10. Sun Rise Financing & Leasing Co.

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Pros And Cons Of Leasing Companies


Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan can provide a wide range of services such as equipment, vehicle, office, and home leasing.

It is important to consider both the pros and cons of car leasing companies in Pakistan before deciding on the best option for your needs.

Top 5 Pros Of Leasing Companies:

  1. Low-Cost Financing: Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan typically offer lower rates than banks or other lenders. This makes leasing an attractive option for those looking to finance equipment or other purchases without breaking their budget.
  2. Flexible Payment Plans: Most Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan offer flexible payment plans that make it easy to pay off your debt over time. This allows you to find the right balance between cost and convenience.
  3. Low Credit Risk: Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan usually require little to no credit history when evaluating applicants, which makes them an attractive option for those with bad credit or no credit history.
  4. Tax Benefits: Depending on the type of lease, you may be able to claim tax deductions for your payments, which can help reduce your tax bill.
  5. Quick Approvals: Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan are often able to approve applications quickly, allowing you to get the financing you need promptly.

Top 5 Cons Of Leasing Companies:

  1. Higher Interest Rates: Leasing companies tend to charge higher interest rates than banks or other lenders. This means that you may end up paying more over the life of the lease than if you had chosen another form of financing.
  2. Limited Options: Not all leasing companies offer the same types of services or products, so you may not be able to find the specific item or service you need from a leasing company.
  3. Less Flexibility: Many leasing contracts have specific terms and conditions that cannot be changed or negotiated, so it is important to read them carefully before signing any documents.
  4. Early Termination Fees: If you decide to end your lease early, you may be charged a fee or penalty by the leasing company.
  5. Unclear Terms: Some leasing companies may not provide clear information about their services and fees, so it is important to do research and ask questions before signing any contracts.

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FAQs | Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan

What are the top 5 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan (certified)?

To the best of our knowledge following are the top 5 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan (certified)

Asian Leasing Corporation Ltd.,
Askari Leasing Company Ltd.
Capital Assets Leasing Corporation Ltd.

Which is the top Car leasing Company In Lahore?

Orix Leasing Pakistan Ltd. is the top Car Leasing company in Pakistan.

Top 3 leasing companies in Islamabad?

Here is a list of the top 3 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan Islamabad:

Natover Lease & Refinance Ltd.
Orix Leasing Pakistan Ltd.
Askari Leasing Company Ltd.

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