35+ Dating Apps For Muslims | Free Muslim Dating Sites {Hallal Dating}

For Muslims around the world, the search for a compatible partner who shares your faith, values, and cultural background is a difficult task, Dating Apps For Muslims | Muslim Dating Sites will undoubtedly simplify your search.

Well, worry not, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of dating apps for Muslims that would connect you with the like-minded partners from around the world.

Whether you’re in search of love, companionship, or simply looking to expand your social circle within the Muslim community, our selection of Dating Apps For Muslims | Free Muslim Dating Sites is here to help you on your journey of Hallal Dating. Let’s start our list!

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Dating Apps For Muslims | Free Muslim Dating Sites

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Dating Apps For Muslims Overview

These apps are dedicated to the Muslim subscribers from around the world, these dating apps minimize your effort to find perfect match with shares values especially Muslim religion.

Here are key take aways from the dating apps for Muslims:

  • Purpose-Built for Muslims: Dating apps for Muslims cater exclusively to individuals from the Muslim community, offering a platform tailored to their unique needs and preferences.
  • Halal Dating Focus: These platforms prioritize the principles of Halal dating, ensuring that interactions and relationships align with Islamic values and guidelines.
  • Global Reach: These apps connect Muslims from around the world, breaking down geographical barriers in the pursuit of finding a compatible partner.
  • Shared Values: The primary objective of these dating apps is to help individuals locate their perfect match within the Muslim community, ensuring shared values and beliefs are at the core of potential relationships.

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Top 5 Best Dating Apps For Muslims

Salams | Dating App For Muslims


  • Impressive User Base (6 Million+ Users): Salams boasts a substantial user base of over 6 million individuals, providing Muslim singles with a diverse range of potential matches. This extensive pool increases the likelihood of finding a compatible partner who shares similar values and interests within the Muslim community.
  • Facilitated Marriages (300,000 Marriages): With a track record of facilitating over 300,000 marriages, Salams has proven to be a successful platform for Muslim singles seeking long-term commitments. These statistics highlight its effectiveness in helping users find their life partners.
  • Thriving Friendships (360,000+ Friendships): Beyond romantic relationships, Salams fosters a sense of community and connection among Muslims by facilitating over 360,000 friendships. This emphasis on platonic relationships adds depth to the platform, offering users the opportunity to build meaningful connections beyond romance.
  • Remarkable Matchmaking (2 Billion+ Matches): Salams has generated an astonishing 2 billion+ matches, showcasing its sophisticated matchmaking algorithms. This impressive figure underscores the platform’s ability to connect individuals based on compatibility, faith, and shared values.
  • Global Reach (Available in 100 Countries): Salams’ presence in over 100 countries establishes it as a globally recognized and accessible platform for Muslim marriage. This extensive reach broadens the horizons for users, allowing them to explore potential matches from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Top-Rated App for Muslim Marriage: Salams has earned recognition as the best-rated app for Muslim marriage. This accolade reflects the app’s commitment to creating a safe and effective platform for Muslims to pursue meaningful and halal relationships, making it a trusted choice for those seeking love within the Muslim community.

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Muslima | Dating App For Muslims


  • Trusted by 7.5 Million Muslims Worldwide: Muslima stands as a trusted platform, garnering the trust of over 7.5 million Muslim singles across the globe. Its expansive user base comprises individuals from diverse regions, including the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and numerous other countries. This wide-reaching presence increases the chances of finding a compatible partner with a shared faith.
  • Premium Service Tailored for Muslims: Muslima offers a premium service meticulously designed with the specific needs and values of Muslims in mind. It aims to facilitate meaningful connections within the Muslim community, prioritizing the principles of halal dating and Islamic compatibility.
  • Backed by Cupid Media: Muslima benefits from the backing of Cupid Media, a reputable company that operates over 30 niche dating sites. This association underscores the app’s commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for Muslims to connect and find love.
  • Global Niche Expertise: As part of Cupid Media’s network, Muslima draws upon the expertise of a company known for its successful niche dating sites. This expertise ensures that the app is well-equipped to cater to the specific needs and preferences of Muslim singles, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a compatible partner within their faith.

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Muzmatch | Dating App For Muslims


  • Free Accessibility: Muzmatch distinguishes itself by offering free access to essential features, including profile viewing, matching, chatting, and the potential to embark on the journey of marriage. This inclusivity ensures that Muslims worldwide can connect without financial barriers.
  • Global Muslim Connection: Muzmatch serves as a bridge for Muslims around the world, facilitating connections that lead to happiness. Remarkably, the app witnesses the formation of 500 Muslim couples daily, underscoring its efficacy in bringing together individuals who share faith and values.
  • Expansive Membership Base: With a remarkable 8 million members and 400,000 recorded success stories, Muzmatch’s extensive user community offers a rich tapestry of potential partners. This vast network enhances the likelihood of finding a compatible match within the global Muslim population.
  • Dream Wedding or More: Muzmatch goes above and beyond in celebrating love by offering the opportunity for lucky couples to win up to $20,000. This generous reward can be used for a dream wedding, a memorable honeymoon, purchasing a car, or even starting a new chapter in a new home. This incentive adds an exciting dimension to the platform, making the journey towards marriage even more enticing for its users.

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Muzproposal | Dating App For Muslims


  • Free and Halal Marriage App: Muzproposal is a dedicated dating app designed exclusively for Muslims seeking marriage. It operates as a free and halal platform, aligning with Islamic principles and values to facilitate meaningful connections leading to matrimony.
  • Impressive Success Rate (40%): Muzproposal boasts an impressive 40% success rate, emphasizing its effectiveness in helping Muslims find their life partners. This remarkable statistic reflects the app’s commitment to facilitating successful and enduring marriages within the Muslim community.
  • Global Reach and Engagement: Muzproposal has garnered attention and engagement from users in 194 countries worldwide. With over 500,000 taps and 50,000 user matches per week, the app creates a vast network for Muslims to explore potential matches on a global scale.
  • Active Proposal Environment: Muzproposal fosters an active and dynamic environment for users, with hundreds of proposals exchanged daily. This high level of user engagement underscores the app’s efficacy in facilitating connections and helping Muslims initiate the journey towards marriage.
  • Regular Events: Muzproposal enhances user interaction by hosting regular events, providing an additional avenue for individuals to connect and engage with potential matches. These events contribute to the app’s vibrant community and enrich the overall user experience.

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MyMuslim | Dating App For Muslims


  • Free Access for Marriage and Friendships: MyMuslim distinguishes itself by offering free access to single Muslims seeking marriage as well as those looking for lifelong friendships. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals can explore both romantic and platonic connections within the Muslim community without financial constraints.
  • Halal and Safe Environment: MyMuslim prioritizes the creation of a halal and secure environment for Muslims. It diligently safeguards users from scams and spam, fostering a trustworthy atmosphere where individuals can engage in meaningful interactions free from deceitful practices.
  • Unlimited Chat and Matching: MyMuslim stands out by providing free and unlimited chat and matching capabilities. This means that users can engage in conversations and make matches without restrictions, making the process of finding a compatible partner or friend even more accessible.
  • Premium Package Benefits: While MyMuslim offers a free experience, it also offers a premium package that includes additional features. With this package, users gain the ability to see who likes them, rewind user profiles for a second look, and even change their location, enhancing their control and options in the search for the perfect match.

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List Of Dating Apps For Muslims | Dating Sites For Muslims


Here is complete list of dating apps for Muslims:

  • Salams
  • Muslima
  • Muzproposal
  • MyMuslim
  • Muslim Match
  • Muzmatch
  • Pure Matrimony
  • Mawada
  • Proposal-Muslim Marriage App
  • EliteSingles
  • Zoosk
  • Muzz
  • Eharmony
  • AmalDate
  • BuzzArab Arab & Muslim Dating
  • OurTime
  • SilverSingles
  • AmalDate
  • Eharmony
  • ArabLounge – Arab Dating App
  • Match
  • OurTime
  • Muslim Match– Matchmaking App
  • Muslim Dating App
  • InshAllah – Muslim Dating App
  • SingleMuslim
  • TrulyMuslim – Dating App
  • Muslimeet
  • American Muslimmatch App
  • AlKhattaba – Muslim Marriage
  • -Muslim Matchmaking
  • Veil
  • Arab Muslimmatch App
  • HalalDating
  • Indonesian Muslimmatch App
  • Proposal-Muslim Marriage App

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Pros And Cons | Dating Apps For Muslims | Free Muslim Dating

Pros Of Dating Apps For Muslims

  • Increased Access to Like-Minded Individuals: Dating apps provide an extensive pool of potential partners, allowing Muslims to connect with others who share their faith and values. This can be especially valuable for those living in areas with a limited Muslim community.
  • Respect for Cultural Norms: Many Muslim-specific dating apps emphasize the importance of cultural and religious norms in matchmaking. This ensures that users can engage in relationships that align with their Islamic beliefs and practices, promoting halal interactions.
  • Convenience and Privacy: These apps offer a convenient and private way for Muslims to explore potential matches. Users can take their time getting to know someone before deciding to meet in person, allowing for a gradual and respectful approach to dating.

Cons Of Dating Apps For Muslims

  • Risk of Superficial Connections: Some users may prioritize physical appearance or superficial traits over religious compatibility, potentially leading to shallow connections. This can be a concern for individuals seeking meaningful and faith-based relationships.
  • Online Misrepresentation: Like any dating platform, there’s a risk of encountering individuals who misrepresent themselves or their intentions. This can lead to disappointment and frustration, particularly for those genuinely seeking a committed relationship.
  • Limited Real-Life Interaction: Relying solely on dating apps may limit opportunities for face-to-face social interaction, which is essential for building strong and lasting connections. Over-reliance on digital platforms may hinder the development of offline relationships.

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FAQs | Dating Apps For Muslims

How many users are on the Salams dating app?

Salams boasts a user base of over 6 million Muslims worldwide.

How many marriages have been facilitated by Salams?

Salams has successfully facilitated over 300,000 marriages, connecting countless Muslim couples.

How many friendships have been formed through Salams?

Salams has played a role in fostering over 360,000 friendships among its users.

What is the total number of members on the Muslima dating app?

Muslima boasts a membership base of over 7.5 million singles, encompassing individuals from various regions worldwide.

How many niche dating sites does Cupid Media, the backer of Muslima, operate?

Cupid Media, the parent company of Muslima, operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites, ensuring a reliable and secure platform.

What is the total number of members on Muzmatch?

Muzmatch boasts an extensive user base of 8 million members, providing a diverse pool of potential partners.

How many users can Muzproposal match per week?

Muzproposal allows 50,000 user matches per week, creating ample opportunities for users to connect.

Is MyMuslim a free dating app for Muslims?

Yes, MyMuslim offers free access for Muslims looking for marriage and lifelong friendships.

How does MyMuslim ensure a safe and halal dating environment?

MyMuslim is committed to providing a secure and halal dating environment by actively safeguarding users from scams and spam, promoting trust among its members.

What is the reward for a lucky couple on Muzproposal?

Muzproposal offers a unique opportunity for lucky couples to win up to $20,000, which can be used for their dream wedding, honeymoon, purchasing a car, or even starting a new life in a new home.

How do Dating Apps For Muslims cater to the specific needs of Muslim users?

These apps cater to Muslim users by providing features and settings that prioritize halal dating practices, faith-based compatibility, and a respectful, safe environment.

Can non-Muslims join Dating Apps For Muslims?

While the primary focus is on serving the Muslim community, some apps may allow non-Muslims to join if they are open to dating Muslims and respect Islamic values.

What measures does Salams take to ensure a respectful and halal environment for its users?

Salams has strict community guidelines and a reporting system in place to maintain a respectful atmosphere. Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior can be reported for review.

Is Salams suitable for Muslims of all levels of religious practice?

Yes, Salams is designed to accommodate Muslims of all levels of religious practice, from those who are very devout to those who may be less religious but still value their faith.

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