Top 7 Social Welfare Projects Of Saylani Welfare Trust {Update}

Saylani Welfare Trust is a leading non-governmental organization that has been actively engaged in social welfare activities in Pakistan since its inception.

The organization strives to uplift the underprivileged segments of society by providing them with essential resources, education, healthcare, and other basic needs.

Saylani Welfare Trust has launched various projects to improve the living standards of people in Pakistan, especially those who are living below the poverty line.

The organization’s dedication, commitment, and hard work have made it one of the most trusted and respected NGOs in Pakistan.

In this article, we will explore the top 7 social welfare projects initiated by Saylani Welfare Trust that have brought about positive change in the lives of countless individuals and families.

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List Of Social Welfare Projects Of Saylani Welfare

Following are the top 7 social welfare projects of Saylani Welfare Trust:


Table of Contents

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Saylani Health Program


Saylani Health Program is a comprehensive healthcare initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust to improve the health and well-being of the underprivileged and marginalized communities in Pakistan.

The program aims to provide access to quality healthcare services, medical equipment, and blood banks to those who cannot afford them.


Here are some of the key features of the Saylani Health Program:

Here’s the information presented in a simplified table format:

Saylani Health ServicesDetails
Mother and Child CareSpecialized care for mothers and children, including prenatal and postnatal care, pediatric services, and nutrition counseling.
Blood Bank & Thalassemia CenterEstablishment of blood banks nationwide to provide a steady supply of blood.
Hijama (Cupping Therapy)Therapy services for various ailments such as respiratory diseases, diabetes, and arthritis.
X-Ray & Ultrasound ServicesDiagnostic services including X-ray and ultrasound facilities.
Laboratory FacilityProviding laboratory services for medical diagnostics and testing.
Mobile Health ClinicHealthcare services are delivered to remote areas through mobile clinics, including medical camps and health awareness programs.
Medical Equipment ProvisionSupplying medical equipment like dialysis machines, ventilators, and ultrasound machines to underserved healthcare facilities.
Free Medical TreatmentOffering free treatment for chronic diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, and diabetes.
Ambulance ServicesProviding ambulance services for timely transportation of patients to hospitals.
Table: Saylani-Health-Program

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Saylani Education Program


Saylani Education Program is an initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust to provide quality education and vocational training to underprivileged individuals in Pakistan.

The program aims to empower students with knowledge and skills that can help them secure better jobs and improve their socio-economic status.


Here are some of the key features of the Saylani Education Program:

Saylani Education ProgramsDetails
Saylani Schooling SystemNetwork of schools providing quality education with Islamic values to children from low-income families.
Textile Training ProgramTraining in textile designing, weaving, dyeing, printing, and garment manufacturing for aspiring textile industry professionals.
Mobile RepairingTraining in mobile phone repair to prepare students for careers in the mobile phone industry.
R.O. Plant TechnicianTraining in installation and maintenance of R.O. water filtration plants for careers in water treatment.
SBIL (Saylani Business Incubation Lab)Entrepreneurship training and support for startups and small businesses.
SMIT program (IT and Software Development)Training in IT and software development for careers in the technology sector.
PIAIC (Pakistan Institute of AI and Computing)Collaboration providing training in AI, cloud computing, and advanced technologies.
Saylani Online Quran AcademyOnline Quran education is offered globally to students.
Madarsa-e-Faizan-e-MustafaMadrasa provides Islamic education to students.
Table: Saylani Education Programs

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Saylani Food Program


Saylani Food Program is a social welfare initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust to provide free meals and food support to underprivileged individuals and families in Pakistan.

The program aims to address the issue of hunger and malnutrition among the most vulnerable segments of society.


Here are some of the key features of the Saylani Food Program:

Saylani Food ProgramsDetails
Saylani DastarkhuwanNetwork of free food distribution centers where anyone can have a meal.
Saylani BreakfastProvides free breakfast to school-going children.
Sadqa Meat DistributionDistributes meat to underprivileged families during Eid-ul-Adha.
Mobile DastarkhwanMobile food trucks provide free meals in remote, disaster-stricken, and conflict-affected areas.
Mezban SaylaniProvides free meals to wedding parties of underprivileged families.
Saylani Roti BankCollects leftover food and distributes it among the needy.
Saylani Ration Support ProgramProvides monthly ration support to underprivileged families with essential food items like flour, rice, oil, and sugar.
Table: Saylani-Food-Program

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Saylani Social Welfare Program


Saylani Social Welfare Program is a comprehensive initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust to provide a range of social welfare services to underprivileged individuals and families in Pakistan.

The program aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable communities by providing them with support and opportunities to overcome poverty.


Here are some of the key features of the Saylani Social Welfare Program:

Saylani Social Welfare ProgramsDetails
Kafalat ProgramProvides financial assistance to widows, orphans, and underprivileged individuals.
Wedding ProgramSupports underprivileged families in arranging weddings for their children without financial burden.
MicrofinanceOffers microfinance services to small businesses and entrepreneurs to start and grow their ventures.
Saylani Job BankConnects job seekers with employers to facilitate employment opportunities.
Laptop Financing SchemeOffers financing for laptops to students to enhance access to digital education.
Saylani Housing SchemeProvides housing facilities to underprivileged families.
PlantationPromotes environmental sustainability through tree planting and greenery initiatives.
Masajid & Madaris ConstructionConstructs mosques and Islamic schools in underprivileged areas for religious education and community support.
Table: Saylani-Social-Welfare-Program

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Saylani Clean Drinking Water Program


Saylani Clean Drinking Water Program is a social welfare initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust to provide access to clean drinking water to underprivileged communities in Pakistan.

The program aims to address the issue of water scarcity and improve the health and well-being assurance of vulnerable individuals and families.

Here are some of the key features of the Saylani Clean Drinking Water Program:

Saylani Clean Drinking Water ProgramDetails
R.O Water PlantOperates R.O. water treatment plants in various areas to provide clean drinking water.
Water ChillersProvides water chillers to schools, hospitals, and public places for clean and chilled drinking water.
Well DiggingDigs wells in underprivileged areas to establish sustainable sources of clean water.
Water TankersSupplies water tankers in areas without access to clean drinking water.
Water FiltersDistributes water filters to households in underprivileged areas for safe drinking water access.
Table: Saylani-Clean-Drinking-Water-Program

Saylani Disaster Aid Program


Saylani Disaster Aid Program is a humanitarian initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust to provide relief and support to people affected by natural disasters and other emergencies in Pakistan.

The program aims to provide immediate cash assistance to affected individuals and families and to help them recover from the effects of disasters.

Here are some of the key features of the Saylani Disaster Aid Program:

Saylani Disaster Aid ProgramDetails
Corona Relief ProgramProvided food, healthcare, and essential items to families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rain Relief ProgramOffers relief to families affected by heavy rains and floods, including food, shelter, and medical aid.
Fire Fighting & RescueOperates fire fighting and rescue services to respond to emergencies such as fires, building collapses, and earthquakes.
Emergency Medical AssistanceProvides emergency medical services, including ambulance services, medical camps, and essential medicines during disasters.
Rehabilitation ServicesOffers rehabilitation services to help affected families recover, including housing support, education, and vocational training.
Table: Saylani-Disator-AID-Program

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Saylani & Ehsaas Program


Saylani & Ehsaas Program is a joint social welfare initiative launched by Saylani Welfare Trust and the Ehsaas program of the Government of Pakistan to provide assistance and support to underprivileged communities in Pakistan.

The program aims to address issues related to poverty, hunger, and homelessness, and to improve the living standards of vulnerable individuals and families.

Here are some of the key features of the Saylani & Ehsaas Program:

Saylani & Ehsaas ProgramDetails
Langar KhanaOperates food centers providing free meals daily to underprivileged individuals and families.
Panah GaahOperates shelter homes offering accommodation to homeless individuals, especially during extreme weather conditions.
Koi Bhooka Na Soye Ga CampaignCampaign to provide food rations to vulnerable families across Pakistan, ensuring no one sleeps hungry.
Zakat DistributionDistributes Zakat to deserving individuals and families to help meet their basic needs and improve living standards.
Ehsaas Cash Program CollaborationPartners with the Ehsaas Cash Program to provide financial assistance to underprivileged individuals and families, promoting economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.
Table: Saylani-Welfare-Ehsaas-Program

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How To Apply For Saylani Social Welfare Projects


To apply for Saylani Social Welfare Projects online, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Saylani Welfare Trust App or website at
  • Click on the “Projects” tab on the top menu, and select the social welfare project you are interested in applying for.
  • On the project page, click on the “Apply Now” button. This will take you to the online application form.
  • Fill out the online application form with your personal information, contact details, and any other required information.
  • Submit the application form online.
  • You may receive a confirmation email or call from Saylani Welfare Trust regarding your application.

Saylani Welfare Contact Number


Here are some contact details for Saylani Welfare Trust:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Helpline: +92 21 111-729-526 (PAKISTAN)
  • Address: Saylani Welfare Trust, A-25, Bahadurabad Chowrangi, Karachi, Pakistan.

You can also find contact information for specific Saylani Welfare Trust projects, centers, and offices on the organization’s website.

Additionally, the organization is active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where you can message them or comment on their posts.

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Saylani Social Welfare Projects Pros And Cons


Saylani Welfare Trust is a renowned social welfare organization in Pakistan that has been serving underprivileged communities through a wide range of projects and initiatives.

While the organization has received widespread praise and recognition for its work, there are also some potential pros and cons associated with its projects. Here are some of them:


  • Extensive Reach: Saylani Welfare Trust’s projects have a wide reach across Pakistan, allowing it to serve a large number of underprivileged communities across the country.
  • Holistic Approach: Saylani Welfare Trust’s projects take a holistic approach to address social welfare issues, providing assistance and support in areas such as education, health, food, and shelter.
  • Immediate Relief: Saylani Trust’s disaster aid program and food program provide immediate relief to affected individuals and families during emergencies and disasters.
  • Self-Sustainability: Some of Saylani Trust’s projects, such as the microfinance and laptop financing schemes.


  • Dependence: Some critics argue that Saylani Trust’s projects create a dependence on charity and discourage individuals from seeking long-term solutions to their problems.
  • Resource Allocation: There may be concerns about how resources are allocated across different projects, and whether certain projects receive more attention and funding than others.
  • Sustainability: Some of Saylani Welfare Trust’s projects may not be sustainable in the long run, especially if they rely heavily on external funding and donations.
  • Limited Impact: While Saylani Welfare Trust’s projects have a wide reach, there may be concerns about the limited impact of certain projects.


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FAQs | Saylani Welfare Trust

What is Saylani Welfare Trust?

Saylani Trust is a social welfare organization based in Pakistan that works towards improving the lives of underprivileged communities through various projects and initiatives.

What are the different social welfare projects of Saylani Welfare Trust?

Saylani Trust has several social welfare projects, including the Saylani Health Program, Saylani Education Program, Saylani Food Program, Saylani Social Welfare Program, Saylani Clean Drinking Water Program, and Saylani Disaster Aid Program.

What is the Saylani Health Program?

The Saylani Health Program is a project of Saylani Trust that aims to provide quality healthcare services to underprivileged communities.

It includes initiatives such as mother and child care, blood banks, medical equipment donations, mobile healthcare services, and Hijama.

Does Saylani Welfare Trust have any collaboration with the government of Pakistan?

Yes, Saylani Trust collaborates with the government of Pakistan on various projects, such as the Ehsaas Program, which is a joint initiative of Saylani Trust and the government to provide social welfare support to underprivileged communities.

Can I donate to a specific project of Saylani Welfare Trust?

Yes, you can donate to a specific project of Saylani Trust. On the organization’s website, you can choose to donate to a particular project, such as the food program or the education program.

Does Saylani Welfare Trust operate only in Pakistan?

Yes, Saylani Trust primarily operates in Pakistan, with a focus on the Sindh and Punjab provinces. However, the organization has also provided disaster relief and aid in other countries, such as Nepal and Bangladesh.

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