Allama Iqbal Scholarship 2024-25 (Srilanka+Afghan Students)

The Allama Iqbal Scholarship for the academic year 2024-25 is a fully-funded scholarship for students from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

The scholarship will be valid for the next 05 years for the eligible students approximately 1,000 students from Sri Lanka and 4,500 scholarships for Afghanistan students separately with a 100% waiver of university and tuition fee.

The following programs are eligible under the Allama Iqbal Scholarship:

  • MBBS Programs
  • Engineering Programs
  • Bachelor and Master Programs
  • Ph.D. Programs.

CriteriaSri Lankan StudentsAfghan Students
Scholarship SchemeAllama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship SchemeHEC Pakistan Scholarships for Afghan Students
FundingFully and partially fundedFully funded
Covered ExpensesFully: Tuition, maintenance, hostel, books<br>Partially: Tuition onlyTuition, living allowance, books, hostel, travel
Degree ProgramsBS, MS, PhDBS, MS, PhD
DisciplinesMedicine, Engineering, Basic and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Architecture, Fine Arts, Business, Computer Sciences, IT, Agriculture, Media & Communication, LanguagesMedicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Management Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Science
Eligibility – GeneralAcademic performance, merit-basedAcademic performance, merit-based
Eligibility – Age Limit– Undergraduates: ≤ 23 years
– Post-graduates: ≤ 35 years (non-faculty), ≤ 40 years (faculty)
– Undergraduates: 17-23 years
– Post-graduates: ≤ 35 years (non-faculty), ≤ 40 years (faculty)
Eligibility – Academic– Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy: GCE A ‘Levels with ≥ 65% marks
– Engineering: GCE A ‘Levels with ≥ 65% marks
– BS Programs: GCE A ‘Levels with ≥ 60% marks
– MS Programs: 16 years of education with ≥ 60% marks
– PhD Programs: 18 years of education with CGPA 3.00/4.00, MS thesis required
Undergraduates: 12 years education, ≥ 60% marks (general), ≥ 65% marks (Medicine & Engineering)
– MS Programs: 16 years of education, CGPA ≥ 2.5/4.0
– PhD Programs: 18 years of education, CGPA ≥ 3.0/4.0
Application Process– Online via the HEC portal
– Must appear in HEC test in Sri Lanka
– Online via the HEC portal
– Merit-based selection
Service ObligationMust return and serve Sri Lanka after completionMust return and serve Afghanistan after completion
Application DeadlineApril 25, 2023November 30, 2023
Important Notes– Merit list based on information provided
– False information leads to termination
– Age and merit criteria apply
– Medium of instruction is English
– No coverage for MS/PhD in Clinical Medical Sciences
– Must have proper ID for exams
– Foreign qualifications require an equivalence certificate

Now, let’s discuss eligibility criteria, document requirements, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship for Srilankan and Afghan Students in detail. Here we go!

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Fully Funded Allama Iqbal Scholarship For Afghan And Srilankan Students


Table Of Contents

Allama Iqbal Scholarship For Srilankan Students

Eligibility Criteria

  • MBBS Programs:
    • Aspiring candidates for MBBS programs must possess a minimum of GCE A-levels or an equivalent qualification.
    • FSC Pre-Medical graduates with a commendable academic record of at least 65% marks are eligible to apply, ensuring a high standard of academic excellence.
  • Engineering Programs:
    • The eligibility criteria for engineering programs align closely with those for MBBS, with the exception of requiring FSC Pre-Engineering as the qualifying degree.
    • Similar to the MBBS criteria, candidates must exhibit strong academic performance to be considered for the scholarship opportunity.
  • Bachelor and Master Programs:
    • Students applying for bachelor and master programs under the Allama Iqbal Scholarship must demonstrate academic proficiency by attaining a minimum of 60% marks in their previous examinations.
  • Ph.D. Programs:
    • Eligibility for admission to Ph.D. programs necessitates a minimum of 18 years of education.
    • Prospective students must exhibit a noteworthy academic performance with at least a 3 out of 4 CGPA in their previous examination to be considered for the scholarship. This criterion ensures a high standard of qualification for those pursuing public health studies.

Scholarship Coverage

  • Duration: The Allama Iqbal Scholarship for Sri Lankan students spans a comprehensive time frame of 5 years. This initiative is a result of collaborative efforts between the Pakistan and Sri Lanka Higher Education Commission.
  • Scope: A total of 1000 students are set to benefit from this fully funded scholarship. It extends its support to individuals pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, emphasizing inclusivity across various academic levels.
  • Financial Support: The scholarship not only covers full tuition fees but also includes the provision of a one-time return ticket for Sri Lankan students enrolled in the program.
  • Encouragement for Female Applicants: In a commitment to gender equality and empowerment, the Allama Iqbal Scholarship explicitly encourages female students to actively seek and apply for this opportunity.

Academic Programs Included In The Srilankan Scholarship

  • Medicine: The medicine discipline includes the MBBS program only.
  • Engineering: Engineering programs include Telecom engineering, electrical engineering, Computer Engineering, mechanical engineering, agriculture engineering, Food Engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, textile engineering, and polymer engineering.
  • Basic and Natural Sciences: This includes natural Sciences, veterinary Sciences, Biological Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, etc.
  • Social And Management Sciences: This section includes education, International relations, Mass Communication, management sciences, gender equality, and architecture.

How To Apply For The Allama Iqbal Scholarship As A Srilankan Student

Following is a step-by-step online application process for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship As A Srilankan Student:

Online Application Submission

Commencing the application process involves filling out the online application form available at Aspiring candidates are required to provide accurate information to ensure a thorough evaluation of their eligibility.

Scholarship Test Participation

Once the application is submitted, registered candidates are expected to participate in the scholarship test facilitated by the Sri Lankan Higher Education Commission.

Interview Process

Shortlisted candidates from the scholarship test proceed to the next stage, which involves a comprehensive interview. The interview is conducted at the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo, providing candidates with an opportunity to articulate their aspirations, academic achievements, and suitability for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship.

Documentation Submission

As part of the application process, candidates may be required to submit relevant documentation verifying their academic qualifications and other necessary credentials. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of documents to facilitate a seamless evaluation process.

Adherence to Deadlines

Applicants should pay close attention to the application deadlines and ensure timely completion of each stage.

User Manual For Srilankan Students (Step-by-Step GuideTo Apply For Scholarship)

Following is a step-by-step user manual on how to apply for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship for Srilankan Students. It contains a practical demonstration of every step of filling out the scholarship application form in detail. You can download this manual from below:


Allama Iqbal Scholarship For Afghan Students

This prestigious scholarship program is set to benefit an impressive 4500 scholars across diverse fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Management, and Computer Science.

Allama Iqbal Scholarship distinguishes itself by offering substantial support covering Living Allowance, Book Allowance, Hostel Dues, and University Tuition Fees.

The scholarship program is structured to accommodate students in different academic disciplines, with dedicated provisions for the Undergraduate Level, Graduate Level (MS/M.Phil.), and PhD Level.

Let’s explore the details of this scholarship opportunity for Afghan students in detail!

Eligibility Criteria For Afghan Students

To apply for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship Afghan students must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Prospective applicants for the Undergraduate level are required to have successfully completed 12 years of education or its equivalent.
  • The age criterion for eligibility falls within the range of 17 to 23 years, to be met before the closing date of the application.
  • For general subjects, a commendable academic record is stipulated, with a minimum of 60% marks as per the IBCC Pakistan equivalency formula. However, for Medical and Engineering subjects, a slightly higher threshold of 65% is set.
  • Eligible candidates for the MS/M. Phil level must not exceed the maximum age limit of 35 years at the time of application closing.
  • A prerequisite for application is the completion of 16 years of education.
  • To qualify academically, candidates should have attained a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or its equivalent out of 4.0 in their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, covering 16 years of education.
  • For PhD aspirants, the age limit is set at 35 years for non-faculty members and 40 years for faculty members, to be adhered to at the time of application.
  • A foundational requirement for eligibility is the completion of 18 years of education.
  • Candidates applying for the PhD level should exhibit academic excellence, with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 in their MS/MPhil degree. This criterion underscores the commitment to maintaining high academic standards for doctoral-level studies.

Scholarship Coverage

  • The comprehensive Allama Iqbal Scholarship, benefiting a notable 4500 Afghan scholars, extends financial support across various essential aspects of education.
  • The scholarship encompasses a Living Allowance, ensuring that recipients have the necessary financial resources to meet their day-to-day needs while pursuing their academic endeavors.
  • Book Allowance is a key component of the scholarship, alleviating the financial burden associated with acquiring essential study materials, textbooks, and academic resources.
  • Hostel Dues are covered, facilitating a conducive living environment for scholars who may require on-campus accommodations.
  • University Tuition Fees are included in the scholarship package, acknowledging the significance of easing the financial strain on students and allowing them to focus wholeheartedly on their educational pursuits.

Fields Covered

The Allama Iqbal Scholarship stands as a testament to its commitment to fostering excellence across diverse academic domains. The scholarship covers students pursuing studies in the following fields:

  • Medicine: Providing support for aspiring medical professionals, ensuring their education is not hindered by financial constraints.
  • Engineering: Enabling scholars in the field of engineering to pursue their academic goals without financial impediments.
  • Agriculture: Acknowledging the importance of agricultural education, the scholarship supports students in this vital field.
  • Management Science: Nurturing future leaders in the realm of management science, the scholarship facilitates educational pursuits in this discipline.
  • Computer Science: Embracing the technological frontier, the scholarship extends its support to students delving into the dynamic and evolving field of computer science.

How To Apply For Allama Iqbal Scholarship For Afghan Students

To apply for this scholarship program, follow the exact same scheme to avoid any inconvenience i.e. rejection of application:

  • Create an Account:
    • Initiate the application process by creating a dedicated account on the Pak Afghan Scholarship Portal. Visit the official portal at to set up your account.
  • Registration and Application Form:
    • Complete your registration by providing the necessary personal and educational details. Navigate through the online application form meticulously, ensuring all required information is accurately entered.
  • Document Upload:
    • Upload scanned copies of essential documents, including your National Identity Card and all previous educational degrees. This step is crucial for the verification process and to substantiate your eligibility for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship.
  • Save and Submit:
    • Once all details and documents are correctly input, click the “Save” button to submit your application for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship Program. This action finalizes your application for consideration.
  • Editing Option:
    • If necessary, utilize the “Edit” option to make changes or amendments to your details after the initial submission. This flexibility is available until the closing date for the scholarship, allowing applicants to refine their submissions if needed.

User Manual To Apply For Afghan Students (Step-by-Step Guide)

To facilitate our students we have attached the step-by-step guide (user manual) to guide our students with a practical demonstration of every step to apply for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship. Here it is:


FAQs | Allama Iqbal Scholarship

What is the duration of the Allama Iqbal Scholarship for Sri Lankan students?

The scholarship is provided for a period of 5 years, spanning the academic years 2024-25.

How many students will benefit from this scholarship, and what academic levels does it cover?

A total of 1000 students will benefit from the fully funded scholarship, covering undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

What expenses are covered under the scholarship for Sri Lankan students?

The scholarship covers full tuition fees and includes a one-time return ticket for students enrolled in the program.

Is there a special encouragement for female students to apply for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship?

Yes, female students are highly encouraged to apply for this scholarship, emphasizing inclusivity and gender equality in educational opportunities.

Which disciplines are included in the Allama Iqbal Scholarship program for Sri Lankan students?

The scholarship encompasses disciplines such as Medicine, Engineering, Basic and Natural Sciences, and Social and Management Sciences.

What are the eligibility criteria for MBBS and Engineering programs under the scholarship?

For MBBS and Engineering programs, candidates must have at least GCE A-levels or equivalent, and for MBBS, FSC Pre-Medical with at least 65% marks is required.

How can Sri Lankan students apply for the Allama Iqbal Scholarship?

Students can apply by filling out the online application form at

What is the aim of the Pak-Afghan Scholarship Program?

The program aims to provide quality education to Afghan youth in various fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, and Computer Science, fostering bilateral relationships between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What is the total number of scholarships available through this program?

The program provides a combined total of 4500 scholarships for Afghan students and 1000 scholarships for Sri Lankan students.

What support does the scholarship provide to selected Afghan students?

The scholarship provides financial support, covering aspects such as tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational-related costs, to facilitate the academic journey of selected Afghan candidates.

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