Dunya Foundation: Free Scholarships For Pakistani Students {Fully Funded}

Introducing the Dunya Foundation, an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of Pakistani students in underdeveloped and disadvantaged through its scholarship programs.

By focusing on education and skill development, the foundation extends a helping hand to uplift the lives of the poor and underprivileged by providing fully funded scholarships.

Through direct programs and collaborations with partner organizations, the Dunya Foundation has successfully served more than 800,000 individuals, empowering them with free education and skill development programs.

Moreover, their generous contribution of over PKR 4.5 billion, further exemplifies the Dunya Foundation’s commitment to transforming lives and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Let’s explore the Dunya Foundation’s free scholarships for students, eligibility criteria, and a step-by-step guide to applying for fully funded scholarships offered by the Dunya Foundation.

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Dunya Foundation | Scholarships For Pakistani Students


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Services Offered By Dunya Foundation


The Dunya Foundation is dedicated to providing a range of essential services aimed at improving the lives of individuals in Pakistan. The following services are offered:

Free ScholarshipsProvides free scholarships to deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds, enabling access to quality education and empowering them to pursue their dreams.
Free TreatmentsOffers free medical treatments, including consultations, diagnostic tests, and specialized care, ensuring healthcare access for those who cannot afford it.
Interest-free Loans (Qarz-e-Hasna)Provides interest-free loans for business and personal purposes, assisting entrepreneurs in starting or expanding businesses and addressing urgent financial needs.
Free Education and Technical TrainingOffers free education programs from primary to higher education levels and provides technical training in various fields to enhance skills and employability.
Table: Services-Offered-By-Dunya-Foundation

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Free Scholarships For Pakistani Students By Dunya Foundation


Dunya commitment to the education sector has yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by the following statistics and initiatives:

Enhanced Higher Secondary Education SuccessImproved success rates in higher secondary education, with 1 in 7 students now passing this critical stage in Pakistan.
Transforming Higher Secondary Education in PunjabSignificant improvements in Punjab, where 1 in 3 students now successfully complete higher secondary education.
Empowering Female StudentsIncreased success rates for female students, with 1 in 6 females now passing higher secondary education, addressing gender disparities in Pakistan.
Expansive Educational NetworkScholarships and fee concessions benefiting 459,000 students across 330 campuses, plus over 700 Allied Schools and 150 EFA Schools established.
Strengthening UniversitiesSupport for three chartered universities, fostering academic excellence and creating opportunities for aspiring scholars.
Empowered AlumniA network of 1,100,000 alumni empowered through education and training, equipped to thrive in their respective fields.
Table: Free-Scholarships-For-Pakistani-Students-By-Dunya-Foundation

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Dunya Foundation Partner Organizations


The Dunya Foundation actively collaborates with various esteemed welfare organizations in Pakistan, fostering a collective effort toward positive social impact.

The following partnerships showcase the diverse range of initiatives and support provided:

Partner OrganizationInitiatives and Support Provided
Akhuwat FoundationFacilitated 6,961 interest-free loans, including 5,000 loans averaging PKR 10,000 each for entrepreneurial endeavors.
Care FoundationMonthly support to 200 CARES centers, aiming to adopt 426 schools, impacting approximately 195,000 students.
Rising Sun InstituteSupport for 240 students with intellectual impairments, cerebral palsy, and autism through education and various therapies.
Central Park Teaching HospitalProvides healthcare access with a 160-bed capacity, treating 186 patients annually, and organizes free medical camps.
Jahandad SocietyServes 11,700 individuals annually with food rations, and offers education and free treatments.
Cardiac AssociatesPerforms 10 heart surgeries monthly, providing critical treatments for cardiac conditions free of charge.
Milestone SocietySupports individuals with physical disabilities through monetary aid, physical rehabilitation, and training programs.
Table: Dunya-Foundation-Partner-Organizations

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How To Get Free Scholarships And Interest-Free Loans From Dunya Foundation


To avail free scholarships and interest-free loans from this Foundation, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Contact Dunya Foundation: Reach out to this Foundation directly through their official contact channels, which may include their website, email, or phone number.
  • Obtain the Application Form: Request the scholarship or loan application form from the Dunya Foundation.
  • Complete the Application: Carefully fill out the application form, providing accurate and detailed information.
  • Gather Required Documents: Collect all the necessary documents as specified in the application form.
  • Submit the Application: Once you have filled out the application form and gathered all the required documents, submit them to this Foundation or their designated partner organization.
  • Await Approval: After submitting your application, patiently wait for the Dunya Foundation to review and evaluate your application.
  • Follow-Up: If necessary, follow up with this Foundation or their partner organization to inquire about the status of your application.
  • Receive Decision: Once a decision has been made regarding your application, you will be notified by the Dunya Foundation.

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Dunya Foundation Contact Details


Here are the contact details for the Dunya:

  • Website: https://dunyafoundation.org.pk/
  • Helpline Number: +92 42 35875077
  • Email: info@dunyafoundation.org.pk
  • Address: 123-C, Block E1, Hali Road Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

FAQs | Dunya Foundation

What is the Dunya Foundation?

The Dunya Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals in Pakistan. It focuses on providing free scholarships, interest-free loans, free treatments, and educational opportunities to underprivileged individuals.

How can I contact the Dunya Foundation?

Website: https://dunyafoundation.org.pk/
Helpline Number: +92 42 35875077

Who is eligible to apply for scholarships or loans from the Dunya Foundation?

Generally, the foundation aims to support individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, considering factors such as financial need, academic performance, and personal circumstances. Specific eligibility requirements will be outlined in the application materials.

What documents are required to get a free scholarship from the Dunya Foundation?

Typically, you may be asked to submit documents such as academic transcripts, proof of income, identification documents, and any additional documents requested in the application form.

Can I apply for multiple services offered by the Dunya Foundation?

Yes, depending on your eligibility and the specific guidelines, you may apply for multiple services offered by the Dunya Foundation.

How are scholarship recipients selected by the Dunya Foundation?

This Foundation and its partner organizations consider various factors, including academic merit, financial need, personal circumstances, and the alignment of the applicant’s goals with the foundation’s mission.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am already enrolled in a degree program?

Yes, this Foundation may consider applications from students who are already enrolled in degree programs.

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