Scholarship For Pakistani Students 2024 (Fully Funded By PEEF)

Registrations for a fully funded scholarship for Pakistani students sponsored/supervised by HEC and PEEF are open for those who have passed the Matric or Intermediate examinations in FY 2023.

Now, the question is! Who can apply for this Scholarship program?

The following students can apply for this fully funded scholarship supervised/funded by PEEF and HEC:

  • The students who have passed Matric/Intermediate examinations with good grades (details are given below).
  • Children of govt. employees from grades I-IV.
  • Students belonging to minority regions e.g. Christians etc.
  • Handicapped/special children.
  • Students whose parents were martyred in a terrorist attack.

Having said that! Let’s explore eligibility criteria, document requirements, the last date to apply, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the fully funded PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students. Here we go!

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Fully Funded Scholarship For Pakistani Students | PEEF Scholarship 2024


Table Of Contents

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What Is the PEEF Scholarship?


The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) is a top educational assistance platform/institution in Pakistan, that provides financial assistance to deserving students through scholarship programs in Pakistan.

Especially, to the deserving students who are unable to bear their educational expenses due to poverty or other reasons (see eligibility section for details).

Key details of PEEF contributions are:

Diverse Scholarship AvenuesPEEF extends its scholarship programs through government institutions, private educational entities, and Centers of Excellence (CoEs) such as LUMS, IBA Karachi, NUST, and FAST.
Extensive ImpactPEEF has granted over 450,000 scholarships, amounting to Rs. 26 billion.
Educational Levels CoveredPEEF offers scholarships for Intermediate, Graduation, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.
Table: PEEF-Scholarship

Objectives Of the PEEF Scholarship

PEEF operates with a set of overarching objectives to ensure its impact reaches various segments of the student population:

Scholarship for Talented and Less Privileged StudentsPEEF identifies and supports students with exceptional academic abilities who face financial constraints in pursuing education.
Creation of a Mass of Talented Youth for Societal DevelopmentPEEF provides scholarships to contribute to a pool of talented youth, aiding in Pakistan’s growth and societal development.
Support for Extremely Marginalized Students through Special QuotasPEEF has special quotas to ensure targeted support for extremely marginalized students.
Supporting Less Privileged and Outstanding Students NationallyPEEF aims to support less privileged yet outstanding students from all regions of Pakistan.
Table: Objectives-Of-the-PEEF-Scholarship

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What Is The Amount Of PEEF Scholarship?


PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students, in its dedication to supporting financially constrained yet talented students, has awarded an impressive number of scholarships more than 455,000, with a total value exceeding Rs. 26 billion.

Tuition Fee CoveragePEEF covers 100% of tuition fees for regular semesters.
Monthly Stipends for Day Scholars and Boarders
Secondary LevelRs. 800 for day scholars, Rs. 1,500 for boarders
Intermediate LevelRs. 1,500 for day scholars, Rs. 3,000 for boarders
Graduation (BA, B.Sc)Rs. 2,500 for day scholars, Rs. 4,000 for boarders
Professional Degree/Courses (BS, B.Sc. Hons., MBBS, Engineering, B.Com, IT, etc.)Rs. 3,000 for day scholars, Rs. 4,500 for boarders
Master’s LevelRs. 3,000 for day scholars, Rs. 5,000 for boarders
Master’s Level Tuition Fee Coverage
Admission Fee & Registration FeeCovered by PEEF
Tuition FeeFully covered for Master’s level, including examination fees, lab fees, and applicable thesis fees
Table: Amount-Of-PEEF-Scholarship

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Who Is Eligible For PEEF Scholarship?

To qualify for the PEEF Scholarship, candidates must meet specific criteria that ensure support is directed toward deserving and financially challenged individuals.

Educational QualificationPassed Punjab Examination Commission’s (PEC) Grade VIII examination.
Academic PerformanceMinimum of 60% marks in Grade VIII examination.
Admission to Educational InstitutionsSecured admission as a full-time student in the same year of passing the Grade VIII examination.
Financial NeedThe parent’s monthly income should not exceed Rs. 15,000.
Special Quota Scholarship CriteriaMust fall into at least one category:
Orphan children
Children of government servants in BPS 1 – 4
Children belonging to a minority religion
Special children
Children of civilians martyred in terrorist attacks
Exclusive Scholarship StatusShould not be availing of any other educational scholarship during the current academic year.
Table: Who-Is-Eligible-For-PEEF-Scholarship?

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How To Apply For PEEF Scholarship | PEEF Scholarship Online Apply

To successfully apply for a PEEFscholarship for Pakistani students, applicants need to follow a systematic process, ensuring a smooth and efficient application:

Admission to HEC-Approved Institution

Secure admission to a Higher Education Commission (HEC)-approved school, college, or university, as PEEF scholarships apply to institutions meeting HEC standards.

Acquiring Scholarship Application

Obtain the scholarship application form from either the admission office or the financial aid office of the educational institution where you have secured admission.

Completing the Application Form

Fill out the application form diligently, providing accurate and complete information. Attach all necessary documents as specified in the application guidelines.

Submission to Institutional Authority

Submit the completed application along with the required documents to the designated authority within your educational institution. This could be the financial aid office or any other relevant department.

Institutional Scrutiny

Your institution will carefully scrutinize the applications received, ensuring that all criteria are met and documentation is in order.

Approval Process

Once the applications are approved by the respective authorities within your institution, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) will take over the process.

HEC Scholarship Award

HEC will then award scholarships through your school, college, or university, ensuring that the financial assistance reaches the deserving students enrolled in HEC-approved institutions.

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PEEF Scholarship Form PDF Download


The official online application form for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students is given above. Just “click” on the image and you will be redirected to the original form that could be then downloaded.

Once, you have downloaded the form, the following key details must be filled in the application form:

  • Personal Information Section
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • CNIC/B-Form Number
    • Contact Information (Address, Phone, Email)
  • Academic Details Section
    • Educational Background
    • Institution Name
    • Admission Year
    • Current Course of Study
  • Financial Information Section
    • Monthly Income of Parents/Guardians
    • Other Financial Details
  • Special Quota Information (if applicable)
    • Category (Orphan, Government Servant’s Child, Minority, Special Child, Martyr’s Child)

Necessary Instructions During Form Filling:

The following key instructions must be followed during the filling and submission of the scholarship application to avoid any inconvenience i.e rejection of the application:

  • Ensure all information is accurate and matches official documents.
  • Attach the required documents as per the checklist provided.
  • Use legible and clear handwriting for manual forms.
  • Double-check contact details for communication purposes.
  • Provide correct admission details for verification.
  • If applying under a special quota, clearly specify the relevant category.
  • Seek assistance from the institution’s financial aid office if needed.
  • Submit the completed form within the specified deadline.
  • Keep a copy of the submitted form for personal records.

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PEEF Scholarship Income Affidavit Form


PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students Income Affidavit Form Instructions:

Download Affidavit FormDownload the Income Affidavit Form from the official PEEF website.
Affidavit Wording on Rs. 100 Stamp PaperTranscribe the affidavit content on an Rs. 100 Estamp Paper.
Content of the AffidavitInclude the following:
Full Name of Declarant
CNIC/B-Form Number
Declaration of Monthly Income (from all sources) not exceeding Rs. 15,000
Confirmation of Accuracy and Truthfulness of Information
Procedure for Estamp Paper AttachmentFollow these steps:
Purchase an Rs. 100 Estamp Paper from an authorized vendor.
Transcribe the affidavit content clearly and legibly onto the Estamp Paper.
Affix the Estamp Paper to the final scholarship application.
Important NoteEnsure the Income Affidavit Form on the Rs. 100 Estamp Paper is securely attached to the final scholarship application.
Table: PEEF-Scholarship-Income-Affidavit-Form

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PEEF Scholarship University Focal Persons List


The PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students and the university focal persons list are given/linked in the above image. You can download this form and look for the nearest university in your area. Then you can contact the dedicated focal person of that particular university to gain more information to apply for this scholarship program.

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PEEF Scholarship Last Date

The last date to apply for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students is January 31, 2024.

PEEF Scholarship Helpline Number


For any inquiries related to application submission for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students, candidates can contact the PEEF helpline directly or seek additional assistance from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) helpline numbers provided.

  • PEEF Helpline Numbers:
    • (92) 42 111-11-7333 (PEEF)
    • (92) 42 35963519
    • Email:
  • Additional Assistance from the HEC Helpline:
    • Centre UAN: (051) 111-119-432
    • HEC Helpline: 0334 – 111-9432​.

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PEEF Scholarship Status | PEEF Scholarship Check By PEEF Code


Applicants can check the status of their PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students by following any of the two methods outlined in the above image. A detailed description of the “PEEF Scholarship Status Checking Process” is given below:

  • PEEF Code Retrieval:
    • Upon application, each candidate receives a unique “PEEF CODE,” dispatched to the provided email and phone number.
    • The PEEF CODE serves as an essential identifier for checking the status of the scholarship application.
  • Checking Status Using PEEF Code:
    • Access the PEEF scholarship portal.
    • Enter the assigned “PEEF CODE” in the designated field.
    • Retrieve real-time information on the current status of the scholarship application.
  • Alternative Method – Providing Details:
    • Candidates can also check their PEEF scholarship status by providing the following information on the PEEF website at the following link:
      • Last degree Board
      • Roll Number
      • Class
      • Passing Year
  • Guidelines for Status Verification:
    • Ensure accuracy in entering details for precise status updates.
    • Regularly check the provided email and phone for the “PEEF CODE”.
    • Use the secure and official PEEF scholarship portal for status inquiries.

PEEF Scholarship Notification

The following is the official notification/advertisement for the fully funded scholarship for Pakistani students. It contains the key details about this scholarship e.g. eligibility requirements and the last date to apply for the PPEF scholarship etc.

You are advised to follow the details and give it a thorough read before starting the scholarship application submission process.


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FAQs | PEEF Scholarship For Pakistani Students

What is the PEEF Scholarship for Pakistani Students?

The PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students is a fully funded initiative in Pakistan, offering financial assistance to deserving students from intermediate to graduation classes.

How many scholarships has PEEF awarded so far, and what is their total worth?

PEEF has awarded over 455,000 scholarships with a cumulative value exceeding Rs. 26 billion.

What educational levels does PEEF cover with its scholarships?

PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students is provided to applicants with the Intermediate, Graduation, Master’s, and Ph.D. levels of study.

What are the objectives of the PEEF Scholarship?

The following are key objectives of the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students:

Supporting talented and less privileged students.
Creating a mass of talented youth for societal development
Providing support to extremely marginalized students through special quotas, and assisting less privileged but outstanding students nationally.

How much is the monthly stipend for different educational levels under the PEEF Scholarship?

Monthly stipends under the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students vary, with amounts ranging from Rs. 800 to Rs. 5,000 depending on the educational level.

Who is eligible for the PEEF Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students include:

Passing the Punjab Examination Commission’s Grade VIII examination.
Securing at least 60% marks.
Getting admission to a regular educational institution.
Having parents with a monthly income not exceeding Rs. 15,000, and falling into special quota categories if applicable.

How can students apply for the PEEF Scholarship?

The application process for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students involves the following key steps:

Securing admission to an HEC-approved institution
Obtaining a scholarship application form.
Fill it out with the required details.
Attaching necessary documents, and submitting them to the respective authority in the institution where you have secured your admission for the next class.

What is the content of the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students, Income Affidavit Form, and where should it be attached?

The affidavit form for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students includes personal and financial details. It should be rewritten on an Rs. 100 Estamp Paper and securely attached to the final scholarship application.

How can applicants check the status of their PEEF Scholarship application?

Applicants can check the status of their PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students using the assigned “PEEF CODE”, sent to them via email and phone.
Alternatively, they can provide details on the PEEF website at the following link: such as the last degree Board, Roll Number, Class, and Passing Year for status verification.

What is the deadline for applying for the PEEF Scholarship in 2024?

The last date to apply for the PEEF scholarship for Pakistani students is January 31, 2024.

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