10 Lakh Loan For Business By Government | Insaf Rozgar Scheme

The government of Pakistan has launched the Insaf Rozgar Scheme to give 10 Lakh loan for businesses without interest, across the KPK province that would be facilitated by Bank Of Khyber (BOK).

Under this scheme, these interest-free loans would be given for a fixed period of 03 years only to start a new business or expand an existing one ( with 03 months grace period for new businesses only).

Now! The questions are:

Q1. Who can apply for this scheme?

Ans= People across KPK along with newly merged districts.

Q2. What are the requirements to get a 10 Lakh loan for business from the KPK government?

Ans= All you need duly filled application form, guarantee form, and some necessary documents, and you are good to go. (The details are given below in this article)

Now! let’s explore the eligibility criteria, document requirements, and a step-by-step online application process to get a 10 loan for business under the Insaf Rozgar Scheme in detail. Let’s start our guide!

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10 Lakh Loan For Business In Pakistan | Insaf Rozgar Scheme Online Apply


Table of Contents

Loan Amount Under Insaf Rozgar Scheme


Under the Insaf Rozgar Scheme, the loan amounts are determined based on the applicants’ qualifications and business plans. Here’s a breakdown of the loan amounts available for different categories of individuals:

Professionally Educated and Skilled Applicants:

Maximum Loan Amount: Up to Rs. 1.0 million per client, subject to the feasibility and viability of their business plan.

Skilled Individuals (Informal/Semi-informal):

Maximum Loan Amount: Up to Rs. 0.500 million per client, contingent upon the assessment of their business plan.

Women Entrepreneurs:

  • Skilled Women: Eligible for a maximum loan amount of up to Rs. 1.00 million, depending on the feasibility of their business plan.
  • General/Informal Women Entrepreneurs: Can avail of a maximum loan of up to Rs. 0.300 million, subject to the assessment of their business’s viability.

Other Categories of Applicants:

Loan Amount Range: From Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 300,000, depending on the specific financial needs and business proposals of the applicants.

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Requirements To Get 10 Loan for Business Under Insaf Rozgar Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Rozgar Scheme applicants must fulfill the following requirements, and they include:

  • Residency Requirement: Applicants must have a permanent residential status within the Newly Merged Districts.
  • Valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card): Possession of a valid CNIC is a fundamental prerequisite for individuals who wish to avail the benefits offered by this scheme.
  • Age Range: Applicants are eligible if their age falls within the bracket of 18 to 50 years, ensuring a wide spectrum of potential participants.
  • Viable Business Proposition: Eligibility extends to individuals who have a practical and feasible business idea, as well as those with existing businesses poised for expansion.
  • Inclusivity for Female Entrepreneurs and Widows: Female entrepreneurs, including widows, are strongly encouraged to apply, and they are eligible to receive support through this program.
  • Support for Unemployed Individuals (Labor Workforce): Unemployed individuals, particularly those within the labor workforce, are deemed eligible for the scheme, facilitating their transition into entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency.
  • Empowering Small Traders: Small traders with ambitions to grow their enterprises and improve their economic prospects can capitalize on the opportunities presented by the scheme.
  • Encouraging Artisans: Skilled artisans, renowned for their craft, can harness this scheme to bolster and expand their businesses, contributing to the preservation of traditional crafts and skills.

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Personal Guarantee

In the context of Personal Guarantees (PGs) for the scheme, the following conditions apply:

  • Number of PGs: The scheme requires the provision of two Personal Guarantees (PGs).
  • Government Employee Guarantor: Of the two guarantors, at least one must be a government employee holding a position with a grade of BPS 07 or higher.

The official form for personal guaranteers is given below. Fill out this form while applying for this scheme. Personal guaranteers form is as follows:


Duly Filled Application Form

To apply for this scheme duly filled application for submission is compulsory. The official application form for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme is given below. Download this form, fill it and attach other necessary documents to get your desired loan.

This application form can be obtained from the nearest branch of the Bank of Khyber. For now, you can download this form and use it while applying for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme.


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Documents Requirements

To apply for this government scheme every applicant is required to present the following necessary documents during the submission of final applications.

The complete list of documents and their details i.e number of copies etc. per document are given below:

  • Completed Application Form: Ensure the submission of a fully filled and signed application form.
  • Valid CNIC Copies with e-NADRA Verification: It is imperative to provide photocopies of the valid Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) for both the applicant and the guarantor, and these copies must undergo e-NADRA verification.
  • Recent Passport-Size Photographs: Include two recent passport-size photographs of both the applicant and the guarantors.
  • Educational or Skill Certification (if applicable): If the nature of the business proposal requires it, include a certified copy of your degree, diploma, or skill certification from a recognized institution.
  • Salary Slip for Government Guarantor: If one of the guarantors is a government employee, furnish a copy of their salary slip for verification.
  • Letter of Comfort from the Relevant Government Department: If a government employee is acting as a guarantor, provide a Letter of Comfort from the respective government department, explicitly specifying the grade (BPS) of the government guarantor.
  • Evidence of Private Guarantor’s Income and a Formal Undertaking: In the case of a private guarantor, you should submit documentary proof of their income. Additionally, include a legally binding undertaking on a stamped paper.

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How To Apply For The Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

If you meet the eligibility criteria and possess all the necessary documents, then you can apply by visiting the Bank Of Khyber’s nearest branch. Follow the exact scheme of steps to apply for this scheme to avoid any inconvenience i.e. rejection of the application.

Time To Apply For Insaf Rozgar Scheme 24 hours

Visit the Nearest Bank of Khyber Branch

To commence the application process, begin by visiting the nearest Bank of Khyber branch.

Obtain Application and Guarantee Forms

Procure the essential application form and guarantee form from the bank. Alternatively, for added convenience, you have the option to download the official application form from the provided article.

Complete the Application and Include the Guarantee Form

Diligently fill out the application form, ensuring that all requested details are accurately provided. Additionally, remember to complete the guarantee form and attach both documents to your application.

Gather Necessary Documentation

In addition to the application and guarantee forms, assemble all the required documents as stipulated by the scheme’s guidelines.

Submit Your Application

Visit your chosen branch of the Bank of Khyber (BOK) to submit your loan application. Present the fully filled application form along with the requisite documents. Following the submission, patiently await a response regarding the status of your application.

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Who Is In-Eligible For The Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

  • Government Employment: Individuals who are presently employed by any government, semi-government, or autonomous body are not qualified to apply for the scheme.
  • Student Status: Regular students are not eligible to partake in the scheme.
  • Outstanding Loan Commitments: Applicants with any outstanding loan obligations from other government, donor schemes, or financial institutions are ineligible for participation in the Insaf Rozgar Scheme.
  • e-CIB History: Applicants with an unsatisfactory e-CIB (Credit Information Bureau) record, indicating credit-related issues, are also disqualified from the scheme.
  • Beneficiaries of Specific Programs/Schemes: Individuals who have availed benefits from other government programs or schemes, including but not limited to BKKRS, RHRS, KKS, PHRS, YCF, or those who have received support from the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) under the Wasila-e-Haq facility, are considered ineligible for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme.

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FAQs | Insaf Rozgar Scheme

How much loan amount is provided under the Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

Under this scheme, a 10 Lakh Interest-free loan is provided per applicant to start a new business or expand an already existing business.

Who is eligible for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

The scheme is open to various categories of applicants, including skilled individuals, female entrepreneurs, unemployed individuals, small traders, artisans, and more.

What are the maximum loan amounts available under the Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

The maximum loan amounts vary based on the applicant’s qualifications. Professionally educated and skilled individuals can receive up to Rs. 1.0 million, while skilled (informal/semi-informal) individuals may obtain up to Rs. 0.500 million.

Skilled women can receive up to Rs. 1.00 million, while general/informal women applicants may receive up to Rs. 0.300 million. Other categories are eligible for loans ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 300,000.

How can I apply for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

To apply for the scheme, follow these steps: Visit the nearest branch of the Bank of Khyber, obtain and fill out the application and guarantee forms, compile the necessary documents, and submit your application to your preferred BOK branch.

What are the document requirements for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

The required documents include a completed application form, copies of valid CNIC with e-NADRA verification for the applicant and guarantor, passport-size photographs, educational or skill certifications (if applicable), a government guarantor’s salary slip, a Letter of Comfort from the concerned department (for government guarantors), and evidence of a private guarantor’s income along with an undertaking on stamp paper.

Who is not eligible for the Insaf Rozgar Scheme?

Ineligible individuals include government employees, regular students, those with outstanding loan exposures from other government or donor schemes or banks, individuals without a clean e-CIB record, and beneficiaries of specific government programs or schemes e.g. BISP. etc.

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