Solar Tubewell Scheme Pakistan | Solar Tubewell+Bio Gas Plant

The Pakistani government, in collaboration with Zarai Taraqiati Bank (ZTBL), has launched subsidized renewable energy programs such as; the Solar Tubewell Scheme and Bio Gas Plant Scheme.

ZTBL has introduced two innovative products as part of this scheme: the Solar Energy System and the Bio Gas Unit/Plant.

Farmers interested in availing of these opportunities can obtain the Solar Tubewell Scheme application forms from any ZTBL branch throughout Pakistan.

In this article, we will explore the eligibility criteria, requirements, and a step-by-step application process for the Solar Tubewell Scheme and Bio Gas Plant Scheme offered by the Govt. through ZTBL.

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How To Apply For Solar Tubewell Subsidy Pakistan | Bio Gas Plant


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Key Features Of Scheme


The Solar Tubewell Scheme and Bio Gas Plant Scheme offer the following key features:

Maximum Financing Limit:Up to PKR 2.5 Million per applicant.
Applicant’s Contribution:10% of the project cost if below PKR 1.5 Million. Above PKR 2.5 Million, the borrower pays the extra amount.
Collateral:Tangible assets owned by borrowers.
Markup:3% interest rate on the loan.
Insurance:Borrowers must arrange insurance for financed equipment.
Table: Key-Features-Of-Solar-Tubewell-Scheme

Repayment Terms:

Project TypeRepayment PeriodGrace PeriodAdditional Details
Solar Tubewell:10 years6 monthsAllows farmers to generate income before starting repayment.
Bio Gas Plant:5 years6 monthsIt enables farmers to establish the project, generate Bio Gas, and repay the loan over the specified timeframe.
Table: Repayment-Terms

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Solar Tubewell Scheme Requirements


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Solar Tubewell Subsidy and Bio Gas Plant schemes, individuals must meet the following criteria:

Valid CNIC:Must be a Pakistani citizen with a valid CNIC.
No previous default status:Applicants must have a clean financial record with no previous defaults.
Clear e-CIB Report:Applicants should have a positive credit history and financial standing as indicated by a clear e-CIB report.
ORR Rating up to 4:Applicants must have an Operational Risk Rating (ORR) of up to 4.
Technical knowledge of Solar/Bio Gas Systems:Applicants should know about solar energy pump systems and Bio Gas units.
Verified Quotation/Estimate:Provide a verified quotation/estimate from a credible firm, verified by the Branch Manager.
Table: Solar-Tubewell-Scheme-Requirements

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Documents Required For Solar Tubewell Subsidy


To avail of the Solar Tubewell Subsidy and Bio Gas Plant schemes, the following documents need to be submitted:

Valid CNIC CopyProvide a photocopy of the applicant’s valid CNIC.
Loan ApplicationSubmit a duly filled loan application form with personal and contact information, and loan purpose.
Agri. Pass Book/Fard JamabandiSubmit the Agricultural Pass Book or Fard Jamabandi as proof of agricultural land ownership or tenancy.
Two Recent PhotographsProvide two recent passport-sized photographs for identification and document processing.
CNIC of Co-applicants/GuarantorsSubmit CNIC copies of any co-applicants or guarantors involved in the loan application.
Table: Documents-Required-For-Solar-Tubewell-Subsidy

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How To Apply For Solar Tubewell Subsidy In Pakistan


Applying for the Solar Tubewell Subsidy and Bio Gas Plant schemes involves the following steps:


Obtain the Application Form:Visit the nearest Zarai Taraqiati Bank (ZTBL) branch to get the application form for the scheme.
Fill out the Application Form:Complete the form with accurate personal, contact, and scheme-related information.
Attach Required Documents:Gather and attach all necessary documents, including CNIC copy, Agri. Pass Book/Fard Jamabandi, recent photographs, and CNIC copies of co-applicants and guarantors.
Submit the Form:Return to the ZTBL branch with the completed application and documents for submission.
Table: Solar-Tubewell-Subsidy-Scheme-Form

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ZTBL Contact Details

If you want to get first-hand knowledge of Solar Tubewell Subsidy and Bio Gas Plant schemes via ZTBL. Then, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) can be contacted through the following means:

  • Website: Visit their official website at to access information and resources related to the schemes.
  • Helpline: Contact their helpline at (051) 9252805 for immediate support and guidance regarding the schemes. The helpline is staffed to address queries and provide assistance to applicants.
  • Email: You can also reach ZTBL by sending an email to This allows you to communicate your inquiries or concerns in writing and receive a response from the bank’s representative.
  • Address: If you prefer to visit them in person or send physical correspondence, their address is 1 Faisal Ave, Near Zero Point Interchange, G-7/1, Islamabad Capital Territory, 44000.

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FAQs | Solar Tubewell Scheme+Bio Gas Plant Scheme

What is the maximum financing limit for the Solar Tubewell Scheme?

The maximum financing limit for both schemes is PKR 2.5 Million per applicant. This provides farmers with sufficient financial support to implement their solar tubewell or biogas plant projects.

How much contribution is required from the applicant while getting Solar Tubewell?

If the project cost is less than PKR 1.5 Million, the applicant is required to contribute 10% of the project cost. For projects with a cost exceeding PKR 2.5 Million, the borrower is responsible for paying the additional amount.

What serves as collateral for the loan (Solar Tubewell Scheme)?

Tangible assets owned by the borrowers serve as collateral. This ensures that the bank has security while allowing farmers to retain ownership of their assets.

What is the interest rate for the solar tubewell scheme in Pakistan?

The markup, or interest rate, for the loan, is set at 3%. This rate determines the cost of borrowing and helps ensure affordable financing for solar tubewell and biogas plant projects.

What are the repayment terms for the solar tubewell scheme?

Solar tubewell schemes have a repayment period of 10 years, with a grace period of 6 months.

What are the repayment terms for the biogas plant scheme?

Biogas plant projects have a repayment period of 5 years, with a grace period of 6 months.

How can I obtain the application form for the Solar Tubewell Scheme and Bio Gas Plant Scheme?

The application forms can be obtained by visiting the nearest branch of Zarai Taraqiati Bank (ZTBL).

Can individuals other than farmers apply for the solar tubewell scheme?

No, these schemes are specifically designed for farmers who are engaged in agricultural activities. Other individuals may not be eligible for the schemes.

Are there any specific technical requirements for the solar tubewell and biogas plant installations?

Yes, applicants are required to have technical knowledge of solar energy pump systems and biogas units. This ensures that they can effectively operate and maintain the equipment.

What if my project cost exceeds the maximum financing limit?

If your project cost exceeds the maximum financing limit of PKR 2.5 Million, you will need to contribute the additional amount yourself.

Can I apply for both the Solar Tubewell Scheme and the Bio Gas Plant Scheme simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to apply for both schemes simultaneously if you meet the eligibility criteria for each scheme.

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